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Thread: Sims 2 ab/tb/dl

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    Default Sims 2 ab/tb/dl

    I brought this up back when was online, but i posted it just before the site was lost.

    So, I am bringing my idea back to life; would anyone who plays the sims 2 enjoy tbish/dlish/abish like objects/hacks? I cannot create these but I am sure there is someone who likes to and has the ability, maybe i will experiment myself.

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    I think there may be some you could find somewhere...If not on Sims 2, then maybe Sims 1 (which I think is a better game...)...Who knows what people will make for Sims 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonthebeast View Post
    Ok ill have a looksie, athough I haven't had much luck in the past.

    If you look, you'll probably only find clothes for your Sims, other than that, it's hard to make something

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    If I can get it reinstalled, Ill re-mesh a crib or something..
    Some footies even, however I could teach you how to make those..

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Russian View Post
    Wait, I'm confused... Is this for PS2? Or computer?

    Probably computer...Since you can't really download these things for PS2...

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    I do know there's a bedwetting mod for the Sims 2 somewhere out there, if that sort of thing interests you. Can't remember where you might find it, though.

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