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Thread: 360 or PS3?

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    Default 360 or PS3?

    I can't decide.
    Can somebody who maybe owns both consoles provide me with an unbiased view? My gut instinct is to go with the PS3 but it seems so much more expensive.

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    I would not know what to tell you, sorry
    The problem for me is that while i like both, i use my ps3 less because for me there are less great games, i do prefer the exclusives to the xbox.
    But the overall feel for quality is better in my opinion on ps3
    Both have overall strong and weak points
    Hope i helped in some way

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    They're both good systems, i personally would buy the Xbox360 cause i have played it more but i haven't had much experience with a PS3 but i have played on it a few times and the Graphics are amazing on most of there games.

    But choice is yours.

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    I'm more for the PS3 as I've basically owned the PS1 and PS2 (so more used to controller etc.). From what I've seen looking up games for either console before, PS3 tends to have more RPG and Adventure games, while the Xbox 360 (and before that the Xbox) tends to have more Action and shooter games. It isn't just those categories, but last I looked, majority of the exclusives for each console were in those categories.

    Also, if you plan to play online, note that you'll have to pay for a subscription to xbox live with the 360.

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    I say get the PS3. The 360 is good, but it's actually more expensive in the long run because you have to pay to play online. Both consoles are pretty nice though.

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    if you want a more media console I'd say PS3 is good, as you got a blu-ray player, it can do iplayer and itv player coming to it at somepoint, to play online is free. Has some good exclusive games.
    360 more game orientated, good if you or parents have a sky account as can watch sky on it (depending on packages you have), can stream stuff from pc to tv using media centre. Both have wifi now (if you get the new 360 console). Though personally I play my 360 more but that's due to it being in my room & the ps3 is sits downstairs most of the time.

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    List of Xbox 360 games - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    List of PlayStation 3 games - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    God of War 3, Metal Gear Solid, Ratchet and Clank, and Little Big Planet vs Halo and Gears of War
    For the 90% of games that aren't exclusive, the ps3 version actually has a higher resolution most of the time, but the difference isn't that noticable. I own both, but if you only buy one, I'd base my decision on if you wanted any of the games I listed above.

    EDIT: Forgot about online play. It's free with ps3 and costs money with 360.

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    I would say for me it would be PS3 over 360 since the PS3 has the Blu-Ray player, and online play is free. The PS3 also has better graphics IMO.

    I actually don't play games much anymore; I just don't have the free time to waste. My PS3 has been sitting in its box now for about a year and a half. I would have sold it, but it's the original 60GB model with the hardware backward compatibility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guineapigged View Post
    I can't decide.
    Can somebody who maybe owns both consoles provide me with an unbiased view? My gut instinct is to go with the PS3 but it seems so much more expensive.
    What about PC gaming? All, you might need to do is install a graphics card and possibly a new power supply to actually play games that look and play better then anything the PS3 or 360 could handle due to their limitations.

    The Steam platform on the PC/Mac is pretyt much Itunes for games, box in a xbox live sort of style thats 100% free. (the service, not the games.. though sometimes you can snag free weekend tirals, like on TF2, left 4 dead games, Serious Sam, Killing Floor, etc. They also offered Portal for free, meaning to own forever earlier this year. Though that's the first time I've seen Valve give away a game, totally for free.

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    An old 360 running homebrew firmware = Free games.

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