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    So, it's out! I would have picked it up already, but I've been working the last few nights. So I'm either going today before work or tomorrow to get my copy.

    I've already heard there were a few gripes, mostly about lack of inventory information and a complete lack of menus (like you can't figure out how many potions you have until you are in battle, etc.). However, I've heard the story, voice acting, writing (all the important stuff) make a great game, enough that you can overlook the problems. If you like that Fable series, you'll like this one I've heard.

    Sample review/gameplay:

    Quick Look: Fable III - Giant Bomb

    Anyway, I'll share my impressions once I play it. Anyone else have it? Opinions?

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    I'm playing it right now, its worth the buy. However, expect trouble later on if you want to be a good character.

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    I thought Fable was a standard game that din't offer nearly as much as what Peter weird last name said it would. They then keep Fable 2 off PC, now they announced Fable 3 on the PC but are now holding it off as TBA. The same thing went on with Alan Wake and I am sick of this bullshit from these studios.

    My guess is Fable 3 will be a subpar action RPG like it's first one and they know they'll get blasted out of the water for making such a mediocre game by PC gamers and PC game reviewers. I guess they think 360 users are easier to entertain... oh well.. We got Dragon Age 1 and 2.. same with two Mass Effects.

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    I have loved the Fable games since I first played my cousins version but I can't play it because I don't have the right console and my computers graphic card has become bust so I can't play it on my computer

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    ive played the first one, but it was my cousins copy and i dont have a 360 but atleast i have a good laptop!

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