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    Greetings! I'm Mike. I have been involved with the DL business for the longest of times. I'm into Political Science and Philosophy (i'm into Existentialism and Zen Buddhism.) I value freedom and responsibility.. but I also value detachment from this world's useless worries; I choose to hide my diapers not because I'm ashame, but because I know how the world will react.. I'm merely "playing the game." haha, got off track. Anyway, diapers is a sort of comforting tool for me, returning to an era of innocence.. well that's my background on diapers

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    Welcome to ADISC! You seem like an interesting person already, you have a lot of neat interests and it's great that you are not ashamed of them. I noticed you underlined responsibility, and am now curious as to why. Is there something you really wanted to portray? What about responsibility makes it important to underline?

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    Hi Angelle! Let me go through this topic with a simplistic discourse:
    Human freedom is an inherent and inviolable human condition. No natural law says otherwise; when we're born, nature did not dictate that we're "enslaved" unto another. Only human or artificial social constructs do that ergo abuse of freedom throughout human history especially through social hierarchy e.i. slavery, human trafficking, etc. When one realizes the validity of one's freedom, one would realize the value of choices, that no one can stop one from making one's choices. From that concept, we have our freedom. We choose and live by our choices. Seemingly good, right? Not really.. some of our choices affect others. In fact, ALL of our choices WILL affect other people no matter how mundane they may be. (e.i. You choose to smoke in a public area? It's your choice.. but people will eventually be affected either through second hand smoking our contributing to global warming) There lies responsibility. Can we make choices that would not affect other people? Perhaps not. We must discern our choices well wherein we won't take away the inherent freedoms or affect their freedoms adversely.. or less we can be accused of taking away of other people's freedom as well.

    I accuse a lot of people of being a hypocrite in my life. They say no one has the right to take away their freedoms when they themselves are abusing their freedom by making choices that are adversely affecting other people. From my life's perspective, I VALUE RESPONSIBILITY
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