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Thread: AB/DL activities and college (or university)

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    Default AB/DL activities and college (or university)

    What are your thoughts on *B/DL activities while attending a college or university? How well would this work while living in a dormitory? What about class or exams?

    Granted, I am 27 years old and have not lived in a dorm since 2002. However, diapers and a dorm room went together fairly well for me. At this time, I am planning to attend some college classes and this topic is again on my mind.

    Please share your thoughts and concerns for this topic.

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    Well I'm going to college in Fall, but I'm not staying a dorm...I wouldn't be surprised if I wore to classes though...It's not much different then out at a mall or something...If you plan on doing like sports though, it probably wouldn't be that good of an idea

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    I was lucky enough to have a roommate who spent a lot of nights over at her boyfriend's. Which was great because if she hadn't I don't think I ever could have worn. I kept my diapers in a suitcase in my closet.

    There are lots of different dorm setups, some of which offer more privacy than others, but if your roommate is always around it's going to be difficult to do much unless you can hide it under clothes, and even then you have to think about how you're going to change.

    I actually think the less private setup like I had, where you have a bunch of traditional-style dorm rooms on a hall with about 30 people sharing a bathroom, would be easier than the suite-style dorms with one bathroom for 6 people. It's all about the trash a large shared bathroom you can toss the diaper in the trash can, and nobody will notice, or even if they do it'll be hard to figure out whose it was. In a smaller bathroom shared by fewer people, you'd have a lot more issues with odors, and your suitemates would probably figure out pretty quickly that it was you.

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    Can't say I've ever had to experience wearing diapers in a college dorm. Most students at my university are either local or they just live off the campus. Me being local (only taking me 30 minutes by bus in peak hour traffic), I still live at home.

    Then again, I really wouldn't like to live in a dorm. My personal space is just far too great, and unless I had a room to myself, I'd probably go a little insane.

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    Lukie, I would have to agree with you. Sharing a standard dorm room came close to driving me insane. The bathroom setup were I have lived was 1 bathroom between 2 dorm rooms. My first year was 2 people per room. That was akward. After that, I got my own room. Therefore, only 2 people per bathroom. That was better, but I enjoy having my own space. Even now, I prefere to live in a house alone.

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    I'm currently at college w/ a roommate. it sucks sometimes, but it could be worse. we have completely opposite schedules. all my classes are in the afternoon, and all his are in the morning.

    i usually put on a diaper as soon as he goes to sleep, and will change out the next morning when i have privacy. we share a bathroom with 4 other people, but i'm usually pretty good about taking out the trash.

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    I wouldn't risk it. There's just too much to lose if you get caught. Now if all you do is wear and supposing your dorm is a suite and not the ol' prison style (two people to a small room, the entire floor shares a bathroom) you could get away with it easy. But if you like to do more than just wear or if you don't have a great deal of privacy I'd say just go without.

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    I start university soonish, and for the whole first year there I will have a room to myself (shared bathroom though). So I'll probably take full advantage of the privacy!
    I might even wear to some lectures.

    Hehe, I'm excited. I think I'm just going to enjoy hanging out in my room wearing footed sleepers and nappies without having to worry.

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    As I've posted elsewhere. I wore Goodnites and Depends 24/7 for my whole first year of Univ. In the dorms.

    My roommate was fairly cool about it. I just told him that I needed diapers for a wetting problem and he didn't bring it up again. I was clean about it and only changed my diapers in the bathroom. I always wore something over the diaper like shorts... and noone said a word.

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    my freshman year of college was the first time i ever got up the courage to buy a pack of depends from a store. i used a few of them and then threw the rest away. i had a roommate, and it was too risky. plus i felt guilty and sick for giving in to desires i hated at that point.

    although i really shouldn't have been worried about that roommate. for one thing he was usually gone while i was there -- he slept in the daytime and never went to class. and for another thing he masturbated CONSTANTLY, without even giving me any warning or asking me to leave the room. i'd turn around and he'd be lying there in his bed jacking off. he was one of the most disgusting people i've ever known. i think he was mentally ill.

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