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    Hello All,
    I've been on the site for some time and am continually impressed with the level of discourse and support it is without reservation that I am finally saying my formal hello.

    I am without doubt an AB and I am in a committed relationship. My interests in AB-DL especially focus on the psychology of love and sexuality. I am an avid reader of Freud and his progeny and like to discuss the deeper meaning of our lives. I have been working on writing a book about AB-DL for a number of years.

    I am also into environmental issues, transportation (rail and aviation, in particular), and politics. I am also an avid cyclist. I like spending time in beautiful environments, whether great cities or the wilderness. I am currently in school as a doctoral student.

    I have enjoyed lurking here but want to get more involved in the site - both to gain and provide support.

    Best to all,

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    A formal welcome to ADISC then Squirmyboy! It's great to have someone here who wants to support people and add a wonderful member to the community.

    It's great that you seem to be so active in your community. This might seem like a wierd question, but what got you into trains and transportation? There are so many people who love trains but I've never really understood the fascination. I would love to hear about it sometime. You seem like just an active person in general and it's really inspiring for someone as inactive as me to get off my bubble butt.

    Thanks for becoming apart of the community!

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    Hi Squirmyboy. I also have loved trains since I was a very little child, (they were steam trains back then) and still do even though they are all electric or diesel now, in addition welcome to ADISC.

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