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Thread: Seeking an idealised childhood...

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    Red face Seeking an idealised childhood...

    Hello everyone!

    I am a UK girl who misses her schoolgirl years. Not that I actually miss my real schoolgirl years, as my childhood was generally miserable - thankfully due to Asperger's syndrome and not any sort of cruelty from others.
    What I'm after is an idealised childhood of innocence, beauty, play, love... I'm sure that you know exactly what I mean. And at 25 I feel that my chance to have that is slipping away!

    As you may guess from my username, I'm a fan of Japanese Lolita fashion. This definition of 'Lolita' has nothing to do with the book, although I assume that is where the name came from. Lolita fashion is grown girls who dress in clothing that suggests Victorian children or dolls, with lots of ruffles and ribbons, etc. It's quite close to what I've seen described as 'sissy', but although I'm often a tomboy, I'm a biological girl so I'm not sure if 'sissy' applies.
    Wikipedia on Lolita fashion.

    I think it was loli fashion that got me thinking seriously about whether there was any such thing as 'adult children' in the first place.
    I've always had a yearning for an ideal childhood, probably since I was about 12 or so, and in my early teens I did search the internet for anything like that. I only found fetish-oriented sites, and as I don't find the AB and LG thing sexual, I thought that it would all be like that.
    But I did remain aware of the AB culture, ran into things from time to time, and as my interest in the fashion grew, I began to connect the two and give it some serious thought. So here I am!

    I've got a big interest in Japanese culture in general, history as well as the modern fashions. My current goal is to go to university so I can get my qualifications to go to Japan and teach English for a few years - maybe longer!
    I also dabble in drawing and writing, although I can't say I'm good at either...

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    Welcome to ADISC and thank you for posting! The second I saw your name I was like, eeep! (Because it's something I'm called on other sites.) We share alot of interests, in Lolita fashion and Japanese culture for a start. Then the fact that we are interested in AB and LG stuff in a non-sexual way, and I bet we have even more in common if we keep looking.

    This was one of the best intro's I've read in a long time! I hope we can be great friends.

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    Welcome to ADISC, I see a lot of similarities between your childhood and mine. My childhood was pretty miserable and I am seeking a way to sorta relive it. Although I know I will never actually be able to relive it, being TB or AB (im 19 so im in the middle) lol, i get to be that. I am a boy and I act like a typical little boy, although im not interested in Japanese culture I see the similarities between us in infantilism. We are by no ways here for sexual gratitude but here because it helps fits our needs. There are other people here like us. Hope we can become friends and enjoy

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    Welcome, Loli! I am sure you will find some good friends here. We're a friendly bunch. I cannot speak for all here, but most I have met have had broken, odd, or missing childhoods. I can understand your yearning for an idealized childhood, it may very well be core to many of us here. Enjoy yourself!

    Much Snugs,

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    Thank you everyone!

    Angelle, it's fantastic that I've already found someone I have things in common with! And thank you for the compliment on my post too!

    tbmoney, it's good to know I'm not the only one who's trying to replace an unpleasant childhood with a good one. Yes, I've found that the majority of people aren't interested in T/AB as a sexual fetish, and I'm much less worried that I'll meet weird people.

    Glao, it might well be that there's an element of capturing something we've missed out on for many T/AB. Thanks!

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    Hello Loli,

    I think you'll find there are a number of us with various troubled childhoods from one degree to another. Probably the likely cause for us to wanting to feel young again, and re-live the innocent moments the right way, rather than bringing bad memories up. I guess to pretend they didn't happen.

    Interesting that you mentioned Asperger's syndrome. There have been many topics on this in the past, because a number of people have been diagnosed with AS and seeing the link with T/AB-ism. But I can see from my own personal expereince that being completed isolated when I was playing on my own. Yet when I tried to play with other children, was either rejected allot, mistreated or generally mis comunicated. I don't know what the case was with you personally. But I don't spend much time on other AS forums due to the nature of some people on there.

    Oh, and Loli fashion. I always find gothic lolita just too gothic for my tastes. But anything that is a bit colourful always cheers me up. I find other cultures interesting. I mostly like the japanese for some of their technology and a little for their anime. Not completely obsessed, But i still enjoy it allot.

    Hope you stick around, you seem like a swell inteligent member

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