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    Ok this is so random (no not the tv show!!) but i remember when i no longer wet the bed and my best friend still did (around 6 or 7 yrs) his mom made me wear a gn like he did just in case. i was pissed at the time b4 wearing it then i did and enjoyed it!! so i guess i owe my DL career to her. TB i owe to reading about and trying it. Anyone else have something similar to say bout this??

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    I was never forced to wear diapers. I don't think I'd like AB very much if it had been brought on me

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    how were u forced gummy?? u wet bed or something??

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    I was just about the same age when I slept at my gram's house overnight when my parents told her I had been wetting the bed and they agreed I should be put in regular diapers for the night. She had to put me in a baby diaper because she happened to have some for some reason. I remember liking it too and trying to wet but couldn't for the life of me.

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    I recall staying the night at the house of some people from church and being diapered before bed. Think I was around 5.

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    I only recall being diapered when I wasn't potty trained, and I'm surprised I can remember that far. Most people can't. I remember having my diaper changed with me upside down on the couch, being changed by my aunt and uncle. I remember being put in a diaper in my bedroom after bathtime. I cant tremember much else that far back.

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    I that that's actually why I don't have a fetish for diapers. I tried to hide incontinence from my parents since they were abusive about it/just didn't 'get' it. But, I remember once when I was 8 or 9 and we were camping and they forced a diaper on me while two older friends were in the tent trailer. It was humiliating and it made me never want to touch the things and it took my ex a long while to convince me, as an adult, that it was stupid NOT to wear.

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