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Thread: Diapers

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    Default Diapers

    Well i finally have the courage to buy diapers online. So i want to know what the best ones will be. I have the following options from what i am aware of. If you know any better that are baby diaper like please say so!! I am considering ABU Cushies Super Dry Kids Bambinos. Any other suggestions?? Posting poll and if you have other please specify.

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    Goodnites or underjams they are equal and for somebody my age I recommend them

    hey lol 100th post WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    Now to celebrate with smileys, and sweet wonderful awesome high feeling XDXDXD

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    I would use gns or underjams in addition but they dont fit. brings back fond child hood memories. I am 15 but i am fat. trying to loose wait. maybe when i do i can even fit into luvs or pampers!! crossing fingers for that but i should be able to fit into gns if i loose what i want to. btw i weigh like 230 and i am ike 5' 7'' and a 36-38 waist. idk if pampers fit me now but probly wont.

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    oh forgot to ask where can i get bambinos??

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    I am a petite woman with profound urinary incontinence. Although I do use Adult Baby Play as a coping strategy, no disposable puts me in my AB fantasy mood. For that I need pinned gauze diapers.

    Since 1981 my tape-on disposable of choice is the Attends Small. Those fit as if custom made for my body. Depends never made a tape-on to fit me. Bambino only made a few Small, then stopped. Frankly I do not like the stiff Bambino landing Zone. ASU does not make any Small decorated disposables.

    Larger people have a much better choice of adult disposables. I am too small for Adult Medium and way too large for Pampers Size 7!

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    Medium Dry24/7 or large Bambino will fit you. (those are your more expensive options)

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    I put Bambino.
    I prefer Dry 24/7 or Abena X-Plus though... Dry 24/7's always have mad press-out in my experience.
    Then it gets on my computer chair, and needs cleaning...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Me :p View Post
    Dry 24/7's always have mad press-out in my experience.
    Then it gets on my computer chair, and needs cleaning...
    Ya 247 are higher on pulp and don't gel the liquid, they just wick and swell, and can be "juiced".

    That being said, I wore a large bambino to work today, and having timed it perfectly, by 6pm my bladder was about a 9.5, so I wet a bit, left, and actually managed to continue slowly relieving myself on most of the drive home. (a first for me, wetting in a moving vehicle!) but I leaked a very tiny amount, bottom left cheek. :P

    Had I been wearing a 247 instead I don't think I'd have leaked because I wouldn't have soaked it all the way to the back. That seems to be the hazard of wetting while seated tho?

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    Ok well first off wat are dry 24/7 and where can i buy them?? and second where can i buy bambinos??

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