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Thread: Thank God My Mom Doesn't Know Computers

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    Default Thank God My Mom Doesn't Know Computers

    Oh my God. My Mom and Dad decided that they wanted to see what site I was RPing and writing on, which is here. They don't know about my TB/DL side, so I was freaking out. They sabotaged me, and I didn't have time to think of a plan. I quickly went to the NaNoWriMo site and showed them. They bought it. I thought I was in the clear, but then they said they wanted to see my history. I tried to hide it, but they found the button. Thank the Lord that it only showed the last eight pages I visited. They looked, and thanks to their lack of computer knowledge, they didn't know how to check my computer further.

    Anyone else go through this?

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    Gladly, I can say I haven't.

    I always use a personal Laptop, and as a special precaution, I 100% delete my history off of Firefox, and make sure Firefox never saves it to begin with.

    Sorry to hear about you, however, you must have been near a heart attack.

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    When I was in high school, before I got my own computer, my mom stumbled upon some of the sites I has been frequenting. It led to an incredibly awkward conversation, and then her mentioning my "interests" jokingly a few times.

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    well no, not with my
    but I've had a friend pull up the last video in my video player.......with my girlfriend at the time in the room who knew nothing of it lol, that made me turn many shades of red

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    My dad did a computer hacking course for work and became a right nerd with computers. I was on ADISC and other DL related websites when he asked if he could try something with my laptop. I agreed and quickly shut off all the DL tabs.

    He sorted whatever it was (I think it was to boost my internet speed. It worked BTW) and put in a random letter to search. Unfortunately that letter was A!!! So out pops up ADISC on the search bar but luckily my dad ignored it and clicked on something else. He was happy and left. I was so scared then.

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    They can't even figure out how to wake my computer from sleep... You have to hit the power button on the far side. You can't see this unless you can fit into the tiny space between my desk and wall... If they made me do it, I would just show them Internet Explorer or something... I use Chrome.

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    Why don't you play safe and setup your Internet browser so it deletes the history and cookies all the time you close the browser? This is what I do and never run into trouble.

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    It's just me and my wife and I always delete my history every time I use the computers. I wouldn't want the computer to fail, and off I go to get it repaired. Up comes everything including adisc. Usually, my son in law helps me with my computer problems as he's a programmer. I certainly don't want my history coming up for him.

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    Nothing like this ever happened to me, but last Sunday, I had to go to youth group with my bro, and it wasn't at the church we normally go to. My brother couldn't find it and called my mom for directions. It took about twenty minutes, My brother was yelling directions on how to work google maps, and she didn't even get us there. Someone else in the youth group stopped and asked for directions and we just followed them.

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    I have but never got caught because they dont check on my laptop i own

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