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    I jsut met another AB/Dl. he really likes the ABU cushies. has anybody tried them out? i'm using dry 24/7 now and will be trying Abena xplus by the end of this week. i just wanted to know if the ABU cushies are a good enough diaper to sink the cash into.

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    There ok, not the best but there ok. The prints and colors help when it comes to rateing them but I personaly won't be buying them again. Being that its only 1 tab on each side after your wearing it a bit it kinda idk how to say it "saggy in the bottom" but it doesn't look right and after if u wet there's a chance of leaks. But its not a bad diaper just over priced and doesn't stay the best for extended wearing.

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    They are not as absorbant as whaht you are currently using, but they are cute and fun. I just bought a pack a few weeks ago, and I'm quite happy.

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    I love em...Have to use a baby diaper stuffer tho to add thickness since they dont have all that much to them. Dont get me wrong theyre not that bad, TONS of crinkle (my fav :P) and they have a really really nice scent.

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