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Thread: wearing a diaper to my exam tomorrow

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    Default wearing a diaper to my exam tomorrow

    ok so, i decided since we only have 2 days left of school and both those days i get out a one 'o' clock, i should wear a diaper. now tomorrow, i have one class, my math exam, its about a two hour class and then i would go home. unfortunatly i used my last regular abena so im going to have wear a super or what not. i know it is a bad idea, so i really dont want anyone trying to talk me out of it, however if anyone has any tips to make it run smoother or wants to talk about an experience, that would be appreciated. also, should i wear sweats or jeans? i know i would have a crinkle if i wore sweats but i would have bulge if i wore jeans, or i guess i could wear baggy old army jeans. anyway, thanks for your comments, Jester

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    Either wear jeans or else wear underwear over the diaper to keep the noise down. Don't really worry about people noticing, they will be too focused on their test and couldn't care less what you are wearing for underwear.

    oh, and good luck.

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    I wouldn't worry about it too much really. If it'S an exam day, everyone should have their eyes focused on their books/notes, and not your butt. If you're in and out in a hurry and don't do anything but sit down and take the exam, there's little to be afraid of.
    Personally, I'd never wear sweat pants to school (over here, that'd be synonymous for coming from a really poor family), but aside from that, jeans should do a better job in hiding the noise of the diaper because they tend to press the diaper firmly to your butt and restrict any movement of the diaper that could cause crinkling noises. As I said before: It'd doubtful that anyone will notice your slightly increased butt size.

    Good luck and don't leak on the exam - that gets you negative credit!


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    ha, thanks peachy. i actually think i am going to wear my baggy jeans, plus im going to wear a t-shirt that will be tucked in, and then an over shirt.

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    I would wear baggy jeans, have a pair of underwear of the diapers to muffle it, and a long shirt/hoodie...

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    I think I wouldn't wear, because your mind will be on the diaper and not what your suppose to be doing.

    Save the diaper day for another day, and concentrate on what your doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ballucanb View Post
    I think I wouldn't wear, because your mind will be on the diaper and not what your suppose to be doing.

    Save the diaper day for another day, and concentrate on what your doing.
    I don't think that's true...When I wear to school, I'm only thinking about someone seeing the diaper when I stand up or sit down, other than that I'm fine

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    During my exam days I wore a diaper, and it kept me relaxed and not nervous when I took the exam.

    Anyways, wish ya luck with your exams.

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    besides its my math exam, everything in that class is so simple that i could do it trying to hide me sucking on my paci. at any rate, since its only 40 questions, i will probably finish it in 50-60 mins, meaning i will probably sleep the rest of the time.

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