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    Question Star Child

    Hi, I joined a week ago and i thought i did post a little introduction but i oviously didnt, as it says i have only made one post and thats the one i just did so this is my intro!
    My real name is Jason but i prefer to be called Jay, or JJ, my username is starchild because i beleive we are all born of stellar matter, apparenly someone in the 80s rock band KISS calls themself starchild, but I am "the" starchild!
    As it says in my public profile i have many hobbies, which include collecting rocks, minerals, fossils & Meteorites, I am a amatuer astronomer (my main interest in astronomy is comets, asteroids & meteors) one day i will find my own comet!!!
    I like to compose my own tunes and play them on keyboard (its better to compose than to decompose!) i also play drums, used to play in a band although we never did any gigs! (although we did once attract a fairly large gathering of people once outside the place we were practising, and they were cheering for us, i got quite a buzz!)
    Aviation is another of my interests, it says on my public profile I am an ex RAF pilot, this is kind of a slight bending of the truth, i never flew fighter jets or anything so im not exactly a top gun pilot! however i did fly a little airplane called a Chipmunk on several occasions, they are, or were, RAF trainer aircraft, they have been replaced now as they were 50s planes! I flew these when i was a Air cadet, these are officaly part of the RAF (thats the royal air force for anyone who wants to know!) so i was actualy a pilot in the RAF!
    I am also a amatuer herpetologist, this has nothing to do with herpes!!! its the study of reptiles and amphibians, I'm like the British version of the late, great Steve Irwin only i dont have to contend with very dangerous snakes, apart from the European Adder, which is our only venemous snake (although not very aggresive and bites are rarely fatal) as i am a volunteer for the HCT (herpetological conservation trust) i hold a liscence which permits me to capture and handle (for study) our 2 rarest reptiles, the smooth snake and sand lizards, these are very rare and protected by law, anyone who handles them, or even so much as disturbs theire habitat can be liable to a hefty fine or even a jail sentence, unless they hold a liscence, so I am quite privelaged to be able to do so!
    I also like to dress up and pretend im a baby!

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    Welcome, man, rock on!! Your name reminds me of a viking metal song I like by a band called Wintersun.

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    welcome aboard starchild. you seem to have a lot of interests! good for you. -avery

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    Yay - JJ is here!

    Welcome to ADISC (or congrats on writing your second message ).


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    Well... What can I say other then: "Welcome" AND "Enjoy"

    What ever happens have a nice time Jay!

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    Thank you all for your kind welcomes, biiiiiiiiig hugs!!!

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    Welcome to ADISC!
    Nice introduction by the way, you seem interesting.

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    which include collecting rocks, minerals, fossils & Meteorites
    Yay! Awesome. I'm a bit of a mineral and rock collector myself, as well sea-glass/pottery (which makes living in the Midlands a royal arse).

    But yes, welcome to the forums. Have fun.

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    OOO you sound fun; glad to have you here, Star Child. That goes for da Tedster too.

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    Welcome dude!
    Nice intro - i wish my life were that exciting lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Star Child View Post
    Thank you all for your kind welcomes, biiiiiiiiig hugs!!!
    i wanna hug

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