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Thread: Origin of the Furry

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    Lightbulb Origin of the Furry

    I looked around, but I didn't see any place to post what species a babyfur or toddlerfur is. I figure it's about as important to us as a personal identifier as many things here. I will start off by explaining my unusual self and where my fursona came from.

    I am a Chimaera-fur. I have four heads, starting from left to right.

    Silverfrost Dragon- This is one of my adult forms. His name is Sarelec

    Roan Pony/Horse- This is either adult or child, depending on the situation. His name is Glao. Most other babyfurs know me as this. Sometimes a baby jackalope.

    Crow- This one is odd, it *can* be adult, but actually tends to be my toddler side. My Daddy calls me his peepit and his baby bird. His name is Pico Picasso.

    Snake- My tail is a cute snake named Xeno. This is my most innocent form, loves to cuddle and chase butterflies! Most people don't like to cuddle snakies though.

    It may seem like I am a bit conflicted, but I am not. I merely have to break myself down into aspects to help me cope with things. I am not schizophrenic, but I fear I may be close. There are sides of me that don't get along with others...

    Thank you for viewing, and I hope I didn't weird you out.

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    I'm a simple light grey wolf cub with green eyes and white claws

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