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Thread: Epic anime scenes *spoilers*

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    Default Epic anime scenes *spoilers*

    So, another anime thread, but this time not about series as a whole. This one is about scenes that made your jaw drop, your voice cheer or laugh out loud, your eyes start gushing tears, etc.

    The definition of an "epic" anime scene will vary based on the person and their preferences, so these are basically your favorite scenes in anime. If possible, post a link to a video showing it, but if not, a brief description will suffice.

    Be warned that due to the nature of this thread, there will most likely be spoilers, so be cautious if you haven't seen a particular series someone references. All of mine ahead are spoilers, just so you all know.

    As for me in no particular order:

    1) Gurren Lagann - Simon finally breaks out of his depression.

    Anyone who has seen GL will remember this scene. It's like you are thinking, "Finally," except the finally comes with a bonus side of your favorite dessert on steroids, so you do a fist pump and scream, "Kick ASS!". It's like that.

    This is also the point Simon stops being a pushover and a general scaredy cat and becomes a confident leader, taking after his late "aniki" Kamina, while at the same time realizing that he is his own person.

    Seriously, this scene is awesome. Depending on your interpretation of "epic" there could be others in the series that are arguably more "epic" than this one, (after all, in the end they are fighting on a galaxy sized scale ), but to me, this sort of sudden about face is great.

    After Kamina's death, Simon can't do anything. He basically gives up and can no longer muster the spirit needed to pilot Lagann. Everyone else has basically given up on him as a lost cause. Then, at a point when they have all been captured and there doesn't seem to be a way out, something clicks in Simon's head while he is remembering Kamina, he gets over Kamina's death and his depression and starts believing in himself again, and this summons Lagann to him. Then he bursts out from the prison with Lagann, saves Nia, and then this scene happens.

    This is made even better in that the bad guy (Guame) is so overconfident that he broadcasts this battle to all humans around the planet to show how futile resistance is, so when Simon completely decimates him, it has the opposite effect and gives others the confidence to stand up to their oppressors as well.

    Unfortunately, the only video I found of the TV version (a lot from the movie scene, which is a bit different), with the original japanese is subtitled in spanish.

    YouTube - TTGL epic moments - Simon giga drill breaker

    Basic english translation in spoiler tags:

    2) Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's - Hayate gets control over Reinforce, revives the knights and the entire final battle:

    I may be biased on this one, but to me, this is a great sequence.

    Very basically, Hayate manages to finally regain control of the Tome of Darkness that has been parasitizing her ever since she found it. She reaches out to the part that was the benevolent Tome of the Night Sky and renames the main program Reinforce. She separates out the malicious corrupted defense program, which is basically this insanely powerful creature that can regenerate itself if even the smallest part of it is left over.

    So first she revives the Guardian knights of the Tome who were supposedly killed earlier, their cores being taken by the book, which is awesome. Then, she finally uses the book and combines with Reinforce to battle the program as mistress of the night sky. When she explodes out of the shell, I have to admit to shedding a tear or two. It's awesome if you've seen the entire series up to this point.

    YouTube - [MGLN A's] Hayate's transformation

    Immediately following this and a brief planning session, they all launch into a coordinated effort to completely destroy the malicious program once and for all, with each person attacking the various layers of defense around the beast and ending with the three powerful mages blowing it up with their most powerful spells to get it down to its core. The other mages then teleport the core to outer space where the Time-Space Administration Bureau spaceship Asura vaporizes it with its Arc-en-Ciel ridiculous time space distorting gun that destroys everything in its path, finally ridding the galaxy of this threat.

    YouTube - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's ~ Brave Phoenix

    You probably have to see the rest of the series to fully appreciate these parts, but if you have they are great.

    3) Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS - Fate pulls out her Shin Sonic Form...oh yeah:

    So this is because I'm a Fate fan. She's basically captured, activates her overdrive mode, and gains two swords (and then one huge one) and a great many cans of whoop ass. Note that this series takes place years after A's, hence the reason Fate is an adult now. Sorry there aren't subs.

    YouTube - Nanoha StrikerS - Fate's Shin Sonic Form [DVD]

    4) Slayers Next - Lina and Amelia sing (pffff HAHA!):

    Ok, so this one is just epically funny. Lina thinks she's going after an ancient, powerful spell and the entire episode fights off monsters and two sisters going after the same thing. Her group reaches the "spell" book and it tells them to dress up in the (ridiculous and girly) costumes provided along with the book and sing this ridiculous song, which is so out of character for Lina (not to mention Zelgadis whom is singing it to them behind the stage). Needless to say, it isn't a spell at all and this pisses Lina off a touch, so she goes overkill and blows everyone up. I love this part:

    YouTube - Lina and Amelia sing

    This is probably only funny if you've seen and know Slayers, but if you have it's hilarious.

    So, those are just a few of mine I could find videos of. What are yours?

    Anyways, time to go back to organizing my figures, nya-ha!

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    that one where ash catches a pokeman

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    that time sakura catches a card

    that one where yugioh wins a game

    that one where that dude fights inside a giant robot

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    that one anime scene with fanservice

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    the one where speedracer wins a race

    the one where sailor moon fights evil

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    Eh. My favorite moment would have to be the entire last third of the Cowboy Bebop episode "Wild Horses". Over the course of the episode, Spike gets hit by a grappling hook that frags his computer system, so that he can't fly his ship... And gets caught in Earth's gravity well. In order to rescue him, Doohan (who built Spike's fighter) has to fly up and get him... In a space shuttle. The Columbia, no less. Well, once I saw them launching the shuttle... Horizontally, mind you. Heh. I had the biggest grin plastered on my face that I've had in years. The icing on the cake was the actual rescue. So, yeah. I'm a geek. Still the most epic thing I've seen in Anime.

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    This scene from Death Note. I liked it. It's the first one that came to my head.
    Huh... Last time I watched this show was 1.5 years ago.... I thought It got more passionate. It may have been cut out in this version though.... That may explain the random pan of the building at 4:54...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Me :p View Post
    This scene from Death Note. I liked it. It's the first one that came to my head.
    Huh... Last time I watched this show was 1.5 years ago.... I thought It got more passionate. It may have been cut out in this version though.... That may explain the random pan of the building at 4:54...
    That scene looks like it should be in Light/L slash...

    I think Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is pretty awesome:
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    I loved all of appleseed. Thought it was amazing the first time I saw it.

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