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    Default A comfort zone...

    I thought of this question to ask recently on the issue of the diaper fetish and those like me who are incon and have to wear them...

    For me, I'm so used to the diapers now that I probably would not change back to regular underwear even if my condition improved or was cured...

    So I put this down to one main thing and that is comfort...

    There is just something about the bulk and the comfort (particularly between the legs) that gives a feeling of security... regular underwear for example, cotton briefs can ride up or slide down and many people constantly are having to readjust them because it feels uncomfortable... diapers just stay in one place so there isn't that concern... my question overall is, who chooses to wear diapers due to the comfort factor over the baby fetish aspect?

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    I think you're going to find it comes down to one of five things, not two

    1) personal need (IC)
    2) situation need (diver, astronaut, bedridden)
    3) comfort
    4) AB
    5) fetish

    (or a combination of course)
    DL is just too general of a term, it could really describe 3, 4, or 5.

    I'm personally a #3 and #5.

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    I like how they feel. I've worn for comfort but I like the feeling of peeing in them. Also they come in handy when you have to go all the time so you aren't running to the bathroom all the time. It's still a fetish for me because I get turned on or maybe it's me being changed part or getting diapered than wearing them.

    Didn't you say you were never potty trained? I assumed you were incontinent from birth. Now I am confused.

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