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    Post Hi everyone

    I'm a male in my 40's who is easy going and laid back semi-work-a-holic, lol.

    I'm into rock/metal music, web-tech and so on. I'd don't have many hobbies as much of my time is spent working or online.

    So, I'm very into using diapers and the people associated with AB/DL in general and found this site through a quick search. I'm signing up and introducing myself so that I can chat with others with similar concerns, thoughts and so on.

    I hope to make a lot of new friends here.

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    Bwahaha mate your name is hilarious.

    ...having said that, people are probably going to want you to change it to something a little more 'family friendly'. See this:

    ADISC will probly suit your purpose as far as being able to discuss AB/DL-related concerns, as well as let you make lotsa new friends. I know it did for me! Anyway, welcome. :3

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