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Thread: Question about pampers size 7

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    I have a question regarding Pampers size 7, i have about a 45" waist and not sure about hips. would i be able to fit into tem if i took two and put them together? Just wondering any help would be great!

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    No. Probably not. I'd just recommend getting adult diapers. There's plenty of childish looking ones out on the market if that's why you'd prefer the pampers.

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    I'm not sure what the equation would be even if one were to try. My waist is 32" and I have no idea what size would take a Pampers Size 7! The nearest thing I bought were ABKids Super Dry which actually were very comfortable so I would go along with Goose, buying adult diapers with prints/patterns would be far better.

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    Something to keep in mind is that, even if kids' diapers do fit, most times they won't be as good as a comparable adult diaper. Kids have overall smaller bodies, and therefore produce less waste. As such, diapers for kids have less absorbent material. Plus, kids diapers are designed with the idea that they will be changed almost immediately. Adult diapers are made to hold more, so they don't need to be changed quite so often.

    I often see this kind of question, about putting two kid diapers together to fit a larger adult body, and the question I always have is, how would you do such a thing? You'd have to remove the flaps and a good part of the sides of the diapers, the internal standing guards would be useless, and you'd have a seam pretty much at the worst possible place with regard to preventing leaks.

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    Definitely not worth the try. My waist is about 30" and they're already too small for me. I tried stapling two together, but that really did nothing.

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