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Thread: roller coasters

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    Default roller coasters

    I love riding roller coasters, i have to ask, and i am sure you do but, who else just loves the thrill of high speed rides.

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    I'm not just a rollercoaster rider- I also love how rollercoasters are desinged and built! In the future, I want to be an engineer to follow my dreams of becoming the best rollercoaster engineer in the world!

    Also, my fav rollercoaster is Six Flags Magic Mountain's X2. Woah!

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    Roller coastters=awesome thrill

    My favorite is Shi-kra at busch gardens in Tampa

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    I love the brains behind the design. I mean how much fun can you have. I love Magnum xl at cedar point and vulcano at kings dominium

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    i love them but i've only been on one though, it was the one at disneyland
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    Roller coasters creep me out its not the ride and the speed that creeps me out. I just dont trust how there built idk why.

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    I love rollercoasters as well and have viewed many POV's of ones I haven't been on from youtube. the best of which is by sharpprodcutions or the coasterviews.

    Anyways, I recommend talking about rollercoasters and asking questions about them on this site. It has a wide user base and has very, very informative users/admins. I've only made a few posts on their fourm though since all I can offer is my views on which rides are good or not. Theme Park Review

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    Love them so much, I own a rollercoaster model that i keep in my room above my bed.
    I also want to become a roller coaster engineer working for somewhere such as Intamin or B&M. If anyone wants some software that is the same as what the companies that make the rides use, ask me, ill email you the demo. You will have to purchase the full game yourself though, but I will post some pics of some of my best rides.

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    Work for Vokama JATO457, because their inverted SLC's suck freaking ass.

    Like this one... I hate this one so freaking much. Always bounces my head around. Plus it's only rows of two, unlike topgun/flight deck at a nearby park that's 4 across.

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    I like the thrill that roller coasters give, but I am afraid of heights, so I am usually reluctant to go on any of the steel coasters. I prefer an old well-maintained wooden coaster. That's one of the reasons I like Kennywood here in Pittsburgh. 3 classics: Jack Rabbit, Racer, and Thunderbolt.

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