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Thread: secure x plus vs bambino? Bambino is out of all its medium diapers till the end of November!

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    Default secure x plus vs bambino? Bambino is out of all its medium diapers till the end of November!

    I know this has been in other threads but there pretty old threads soooo...
    Bambino and secure x plus are basically the same thing right? I need to order diapers asap and just found out Bambino is out of stock of its mediums, but it is selling secure xplus now.

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    They are about the same thickness.

    I've heard that Bambinos are much softer, however, both the padding material and the plastic they use (that may have been people's personal bias factoring into the equation). Other than that, I think the cut, SAP/pulp ratio, etc, all those other things are about the same.

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    That what the earlier threads said, they have a wetness indicator I'm guessing?

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    Softer, and the x-plus's have the dot printing on them with the size and name. I like Bambinos because they're softer, though.

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    From my understanding, they look different, but preform like a Bambino.

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    I'm just finishing my first case of Bambino Blancos, which I liked very much. I am in the same boat with needing mediums, so I ordered the Secure X-Plus. I tried the Secure X-Plus about 3 mos. ago and it seemed like the cut was a little more generous and that they were a bit wider in the crotch. The Bambino web site says they are cut the same. I'll let you know.

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    bambino are pretty wide in the crotch. if you want a little more, try 247's

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