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Thread: Have u ever??

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    Default Have u ever??

    Ok i while back i had some goodnites (back when i could fit ok in them) and i put one on and a t shirt that was too small. i had a thin blanket on a pillow at my head. wellmy dad has to get up early when he goes to work and he always gives us a kiss bye, wether we are asleep or not, and i woke up as he started the car and my blanket was half off me! i was lucky he didnt notice or did he?? idk but it has been almost a year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xxThatGuyxx View Post
    What's the question?
    He was asking if you thought his dad saw him in his diaper or not.

    I personally think he might have subconsiously seen them, but not notice them. if you know what i mean...

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    Oh, he probably didn't...but who knows know one can really tell besides you. We also don't know what your dad is like. Is he easily excepting? Would he just ignore it?

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    I'd say he didn't notice really.

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    If he left the lights off how could he tell? You would wake up if the lights went on right?

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    Well, considering goodnights are white, and I'n assuming you were wearing the more brief/diaper looking ones and instead of the blue boxers one. He probably thought they were regular old underwear, especially if the lights are off and it was early in the morning.

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    Hehe Its a funny thread. Well, even if he did see, keep doing what you do. Just... you know... lay low. At least you can get diapers..

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    That is what i am asking and i also want to know if anyone fell alseep with only i diaper on and ment to take off before sleeping. And he is easy going and idk but i feel like i should tell him...

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    No I wouldn't say anything to him, unless he says anything about it.

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