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Thread: It's nearing Halloween, so that means......

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    Default It's nearing Halloween, so that means......

    .....'tis time to pull out the horror DVDs.

    (Anytime is a good time to do that - but now I have an official excuse!)

    Last night, I watched -

    Laid to Rest (not very well made, but had some impressively gratuitous gore)
    Two Evil Eyes (Romero & Argento +Harvey Kietel = WIN!!!!!)
    Blood Feast (truly a classic!)

    What films will you watch this Halloween (if any)?

    Or are you going to a costume party?

    If you are handing out candy to trick-r-treaters, is it unethical to give them Mega Warheads? (Sadly, there are no trick-r-treaters in my apartment complex.)


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    MEGA WARHEADS FTW!! :P I'll probably watch some originals like freddie vs jason!

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    Evil Dead trilogy
    Drag Me to Hell
    Nightmare on Elm Street (all)
    A Nightmare before Xmas
    Dead Alive
    Donnie Darko
    Ernest Scared Stupid

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    I'm goin to a costume party, so no horror films for me on the actual day :P although if i did watch some it would be, The resident evil trilogy and Aliens

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    I'm working halloween, but im going out the night before for a friend's birthday at a Sushi place then an afterparty at an undisclosed location.

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    My parents wont let me watch horrors movies for a few reason main resoan is i have a little sister.

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    i will be watching, the 4th kind and if it ever comes to the U.S. solomon kane, i honestly don't know anything about the movie but i have my reasons for wanting to watch it, please don't ask.

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    OOOh I love horror movies
    I already watched last week the grudge, grudge 2, the descent, and descent 2... Well I watched the omen a while ago too.
    Japanese horror movies are my favourite! There always so scary :/

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