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    Default Finally made an account

    I thought it was time I made an account and became at least somewhat active in the community here. I'm a diaper fur/baby fur, I wear for fun. I have had a attraction to diapers since I was out of them. I was a bedwetter when I was younger so it wasn't until 10 that I didn't wear at night.

    Other than my intrest in diapers I enjoy music, with electronic being my favorite. Art as well although I'm a poor artist. Books have also been a large part of my life, the latest book I've read was hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.

    Well, before this becomes a wall of text let me just say hello! Glad to be here.

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    Welcome to ADISC - having an account and becoming an active member is certainly the best way to enjoy this forum, so yay for joining and posting an introduction!

    Is your interest in art both making and admiring, or just one? I enjoy painting and drawing occasionally, but like so many other of the creative things I enjoy doing I never make time to do them. It is so much easier to just switch on the TV or computer and zone out doing that then it is to start doing something creative or prodcutive, even though I don't get the same enjoyment out of it. But oh well.

    I love reading as well, currently I am reading Emma Dolonghue's Room which so far is fantastic, although I've only read the first 2 chapters. I started reading The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy once just before the film came out as I wanted to read the book before watching the film, but I didn't get even close to finishing it and now it is on my list of books to read, which only ever seems to get longer as I do such a poor job of actually making my way through it.

    What kind of electronic music do you like? Most of the music I listen to isn't electronic, although I'm not very good at categorising music into genres so when people ask what kind of genres I like I never know the answers.

    Anyway, that's enough rambling from me! But welcome to the forums, and I look forward to seeing you around

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    Hellooo. I'm just dating a guy who is on this forum lul

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    Well, I would agree the best way to enjoy a forum is to paticapate. However, As demonstated by the poster above me all contributions are not equal. That being said, I admire art more than I create it. But I have had a hand in creating art, unfortunately I am not a good artist so the art that I have made has been through art cars or sculptures, perhaps sandcastles or just helping with creativity in graphic design.

    As far as reading I have a problem finding time as well. But nothing is as beautiful as the landscapes I build in my mind. If you get a chance add neuromancer to your list.

    My favorite electronic music is dnb and dubstep but I dig breaks as well. Thank you for the hello. A warm welcome is always nice.

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    Welcom. I to hade the same badwetter issu when i was in that age.

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