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Thread: Cruisers 7 vs baby dry 6

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    Question Cruisers 7 vs baby dry 6

    Ok so I just found 20 dollars and I want to go out and buy some actual baby diapers. my 2 choices are baby dry 6 and cruisers size 7. I was wondering which one is better overall. and is the smell of the baby drys really noticeable to other people?

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    well first off all you gotta know if you can fit into them

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    I know that I am 5'9" 140lbs and I fit into Cruisers size 6..i hear that Huggies are bigger than cruisers size 6..

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    Well, I have a size 32 waist, and can stretch baby dry or cruisers 6 to fit comfortably. What i will say though is this,

    Baby Dry-I find them much more comfortable than cruisers, the tapes are also softer and easier to stretch
    Cruisers-Absorb liquids much faster and I find, hold a little more.

    Personally I'd go for babydry 6, but it's up to you ^^

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    Same here I like babydry the absorb slower but more

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    Also the smell isn't noticable at all, unless of course you use baby powder or something

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    I am personally a fan of Huggies more than I am of Pampers. They fit a lot better and though they absorb a little slower, their capacity is incredible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brettwearspampers06 View Post
    Never tried huggiies just pampers and luvs
    Huggies are good, but from pretty much every review i've read, Luvs beat them in most aspects.

    I'd love to try Luvs some time, we can't get them over here easily.

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