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    Has anyone ever heard of this website E-mails from an Asshole ?

    I just bought the book called "Emails from an Asshole" and he also does that website and submits his emails there he sends people who post dumb ads. He likes to mess with them to give them a hard time and he decided to write a book about it.

    Has anyone here ever read it or gone to the website?

    My husband thinks what this guy is doing is mean but I don't think it is. He isn't hurting them or anything. He is just pulling their leg is all and his victims get pissed off and curse at him and throw insults. I don't even know if I be able to pull this off but this man is very creative and good. But I do consider what he is doing trolling. And he only does this to people who post dumb ads like they don't want to bother looking in the phone book for a plumber or a roofer so they figure they will go online and post an ad and pay someone for cheap to do it or people who don't want to pay big money to take a bus or train so instead they go online and ask for a ride to get to another town or parents who post an ad online asking for a stranger to come and watch their kids or take their daughter to her soccer games and back or people who don't want to buy a car so they ask for a car to be given to them or sold to them for cheaper price but they want a certain car.

    He even creates lot of email addresses to mess with people and pretends to be other people for references.

    And in the FAQ on the website it says "How can I contact you?" and he said post a dumb ad and he might find you.

    Mmm I wonder if I shall post a dumb ad online and hoping he will contact me? Just kidding. I don't want to get responses from people and then feel bad for being deceitful.

    I think it would take lot of creativity to troll like this to ads.

    One of the things I learned from this book is trying to sell your car online is dumb. Same as trying to find a nanny online and asking for references because anyone can make up references. Uh it's the same in real life too, people pay people to be their reference when they go applying for jobs or they ask their friends to lie by saying they worked for them.

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    Is nothing, even craigslist, sacrosanct in the pursuit of lulz?

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    Very creative, not really hurting anyone. You put your stuff out on the web I guess you should expect some neg returns.
    I LMAO at this one. Disclaimer (I love cats but this is great)

    E-mails from an Asshole

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    I didn't know there was an actual website for this but I have examples of his work posted around the internet and always thought they were pretty funny. I don't think he is hurting anybody, in the ones I have seen they are so ludicrous that they couldn't possibly be taken seriously.

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    But yeah, they're hilarious pranks... It's mean, but being cruel is entertaining~

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    I also didn't know it was dumb to try and sell your stuff online. I also see items wanted all the time and I didn't know that was also dumb. But I wouldn't trust sob stories due to scams. Sometimes people ask for stuff just so they sell it.

    My husband thinks I should tell this fella about craigslist and I told him he probably knows about it and that is probably where he finds those ads.

    I think it's great he is leaving these people anonymous and doesn't display their phone numbers nor their address or email. Names he mentions but we aren't going to know who they are just by their first name. But I wonder what it's like for them to see their ads and replies on that website and in the book?

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