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Thread: Is there anyway to prevent goodnites from leaking?

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    Default Is there anyway to prevent goodnites from leaking?

    I ordered several packages of these as my first diapers, and I'm glad that I did. However, they tend to leak out the sides & leg gathers. I am 130 - 135 pounds and 5'10 with a 28- 29 inch waist. I go standing up, point my ***** down, and I don't go slowly ( which I know would help some at least).

    I feel like part of the problem is achieving a popper seal all the way around my legs.. between my junk, and the diaper swelling some the goodnites tend to form a gap at the bottom of the waist band and urine can leak out from there.
    Any way the point of this post is, how do I minimize leaks? Does it help to use them laying down? Is there a certain position I should point my ****? People post videos of themselves peeing in goodnight all the time on youtube with seemingly no leak issue, so I was wondering If I was doing something wrong?

    Also are there any other diapers that are similar to goodnites, but a little bit bigger and better absorbency you would suggest. Are there any current diapers that are similar to the old goodnites 2000-2003 XL version?

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    Pee slow and point your junk down. A booster pad inside might help. With practice you can let it out in spurts and stop before it leaks and let it absorbs before the next spurt.

    They are not made to fit people your size despite what the package says. About twelve years ago they came out with a size XL that would actually fit a 125lb person. Then they went to two sizes, then boy and girl and they have been getting smaller each step while the suggested maximum size has stayed they same.

    There are adult overnight pullups available at Walmart and a chain drug stores that are pretty good but there is no real small size so they will be huge on you.

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    pullup diapers by design just can't have a good cuff fit, and the "standing leak guards" are only effective while, well, standing. You may need to go with taped.

    Which is kinda ironic, seeing as they're called "goodnights". But I think for them the pullup aspect is too much of a part of their branding, little kids can't diaper themselves and want to feel more like they're wearing underwear anyway so they're stuck with the design.

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    Is there anyway to prevent goodnites from leaking?

    yeah, don't wear them! (or wear plastic pants over them) Every1 says the same thing.
    gn's r leaky.

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    Rip the sides off another goodnite and stick it inside the one you are gonna wear. Works well.. gets me through the night

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    I think it comes down to if you are flooding or not. They have a pretty decent capacity but suck at distributing the urine.

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    Lots of great diapers your size online. Zero good diapers in stores. If you can't get your diapers online you are stuck with a choice nothing or next to nothing.

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    try doubling, but ive never had a problem with leakage

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    Goodnites tend to leak behind the leg guards. When we pee, some of the urine would make it's way to the seat of the diaper, which is normal. However, after a few small wettings, more urine gets absorbed at the seat. And, when you sit down, the urine gets squeezed out. That's because the material works a bit like a sponge; when you squeeze it, the urine starts coming out, thus the leaking at the leg guards.

    So, there are three things you can do.

    1. Focus your pee to the front of the diaper.
    2.When sitting down, do so gently, to minimize the chances of urine escaping
    3.Switch to girls' Goodnites, as the girls' version is designed to absorb more at the seat of the diaper.

    I hope this works, good luck =D

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