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Thread: Very Special Clothes' Training Pants

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    Default Very Special Clothes' Training Pants

    Hey folks!

    Thinking of nabbing some of the trainers from VSC.

    I'm looking for some specific information. First, opinions about the quality. I intend to wear them as "regular underwear" on some days when I'm attending lecture. I won't wet them, but I like the feel of trainers, and I'd like them to hold up over time.

    Second, I did do a search, but I did not seem to see what "boy prints" actually looked like on VSC's page. There is a page of fabrics, but nothing specifically "boy". Any hints there?


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    I'm also interested in the trainers and girlie undies, if anyone has an opinion about them.

    I've been looking at them for a while, but have yet to pull the trigger.

    VSC- AB Training Pants

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    I might just bite and order them next weekend or something. Then I can report back. They look super cute and comfy on the site, anyway.

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    I just got a pair from Babykins that r cool. I had like 1 pair of their double flannel pull-on pants but they r too thin. So I got another, the pull on cotton diaper and it is like 4 or 5 layers thick and is real soft and comfy and babyish. Their vinyl plastic pants fit good over them too and i just LOVE wearing them.

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    I also like the KINS stuff. I have two of their cloth diapers (Velcro/Medium). They're fun to wear around, not too bulky, and they last forever, it seems. +1 for KINS, for sure.

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    Ive used KINS in the past and have no complaints. Great product and well made. That said, the ones on VSC look very interesting. If anyone orders some please post a report for us

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oranges View Post
    I might just bite and order them next weekend or something. Then I can report back. They look super cute and comfy on the site, anyway.
    I was thinking of order some as well, so if you order them, I will be most interested in your opinion.

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    + another 1 for Kins! I wear their pull up all in one cloth nappies quite a bit, and they're excellent.

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    Re the boys prints, I found the same, if you mean at the bottom of that page where there is a picture of the snap-on in blue, there is no picture of anything else... so I am in the dark like you, will have to watch this thread to see if any more news comes in on them.

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