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Thread: How many friends do you have

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    Default How many friends do you have

    Being on this site during Memorial Day, it was apparent that a lot of us were on. Since the younger generation is accused of being a stuck at home on the computer generation, or Xbox, etc. I wondered if as a group we have few friends, a few good friends, or socialize a lot.

    When I was younger, and on through college, I had just one very good friend, with some auxiliary friends. Because I had no brothers or sisters; having a close friend was really essential to my mental well being.

    In college I had that one friend who lived down my street, and a solid group of others. Growing up on the beach, we would go to the boardwalk and have a great time all through the summer.

    Now as an adult, I have my family, but that's about it. I have a few other adult friends, but I would never share the things with them, that I did when I was young. How about all of you?

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    I think it also depends on how you use the word "friend". I tend not to use it too loosly.

    I only have about 10 friends, and I'm bffs with 2 of those people. However - I have a lot of acquaintances that I don't mind hanging out with, like going to the mall or downtown.

    However, I consider a friend I can call and cry to... or tell them almost everything.

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    Meh... I might have 1 friend in real life, but it depends on how you use the word "friend." Sometimes I'm not sure if he's really my friend...

    Online, I have about 2 friends.

    I'm not exactly the most sociable person....

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    I have four friends who I have been with for years now (one of them for 10 years now) and we couldn't be closer. But then there are about 10 other people who I would consider close friends, and about 50 who I consider to be acquaintances. I can pretty much get a long with everybody, even if I don't like them.

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    Footed P.J.


    Many people seem to consider me a friend, but I do not return those sentiments. I do not have any close friends, where I would call them up and hang out with them. However, on a more peripheral level, I function well with my x-coworkers at the supermarket. And on that level, too, I have gotten to know the gymnasts at my local college. I go to their home meets, plus at least one away meet each year. They always acknowledge me. Even a few alums stop and chat every so often.

    I was part of a soccer supporters group, The Steel Army, for a bit, but it's too expensive to go downtown to the pub they meet at, so I havent been for months.

    But my social life mainly is bulletin boards like this, and most of the time, I forget I am replying to a person, and not just a post. There are a few folks on here I'd love to meet, but that does not mean we'd become friends by any stretch.

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    I guess I did mean close friend or reasonably close friend, as opposed to social friend, but both count. I always had only one close friend, and then there were all the others.

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    I have some good friends that i've known for 5 yrs know but I have a group that i'm always with when i'm at school. Thee are 6 of us together and we are really close. ^_^

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    I have lots of friends...Although they wouldn't be people I exactly go out and do things with...I only do that with a few people...I talk to some more people...And then there are people that I know, and be with if there is no one else left

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    I don't really know. I really have no one I consider a friend. I talk to people, and get along with them, but don't really have any friends. The closest thing i have to a real friend is actually in my opinion an adult that lives up the street from me. But i don't even talk to him much any more.

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    i have one real life friend, but most people i talk to are on aim and on there i have about seven usuals that i talk to.

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