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Thread: This is scary.

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    Default This is scary.

    Between my 360 retail games, my XBLA purchases, my Wii games, and my PSX & PS2 games, I own a grand total of 219 video games.

    It took me a decade to build this collection, I'll say that much..... And I made a pact with myself not to purchase (or even rent) anything else until I defeat more of what I already own, as I already have enough to keep me going for the next couple of years at this rate......


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    I own a collection of games I never beat. for example on the wii VC I bought metroid and super metroid and I'll admit they are fine games. I just don't like them myself. I also bought Zelda, A Link to the Past and I really do like that game for it's gameplay and style and SNES retro graphics and story. But I still haven't got 50% way into that.

    I don't mind owning games even if they are horrible, or I only beat them once. There's reasons why I have them and most of the time it's because I like them. Of course, I could be starting a hoarding addiction that's been present in my family. <_>

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    I'm just as bad. Over the last six months I've purchased around fifty games.. and the only one I've finished is FFXIII.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fenrisrawr View Post
    I'm just as bad. Over the last six months I've purchased around fifty games.. and the only one I've finished is FFXIII.
    That game is the new FF MMO though right? that game is littary designed to make you spend all your " gaming time" decicated soley to it. For example I know if I played WoW I would play that game more over all of my other games since it requires a monthly fee in order to get the maximum return for my money. The same thing happens between me and netflix which has lead me to about 8 dvd's left in my que none of which I have a very strong interest in.

    This is why I perfer one time payment games like TF2 or at least micro-transactions games which TF2 is almost like now.. Though the only thing in that game you can't get though means without paying for it, is cosmetic only.

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    I completely understand this. I've mostly been a PC gamer over the years, but in the last few, I've also been gaming on a PSP and XBOX 360. I've played many games that I don't finish and, frankly, most of them I probably never will finish. I just don't have time for them and since I moved on that probably means I don't like them enough to finish them. I would estimate that I own or have owned about 300 titles since the early 90's and maybe finished about 20% of them.

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