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Thread: AB items from b4ns

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    Default AB items from b4ns

    I have read that b4ns sells AB items.( pacifiers, bottles, onesies) Has anyone here ever bought any AB items from b4ns( besides plastic pants and diapers).

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    I was kinda wondering the same thing, I thought I read somewhere that there was AB stuff for sale too.

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    They have some boring old people adaptive clothing and bibs but nothing even remotely AB.

    Babykins and Gaby's are in Canada if you want clothing in country. I think there are a few more too but the names escape me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timmywimmy View Post
    ISn't Forever A Kid in Canada?
    Yes. They are expensive tough

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    It would not surprise me, I have been getting diapers from B4NS for several yes now and they are very B/DL aware and friendly. perhaps you just need to ask him to throw them in an order and they will. Free to ask. They are quick to reply to Email.

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    Well... They do seem to be selling Bambino diapers on b4ns now. That's about all I see though.

    I do seem to recall seeing adult sized onesies on there at some point though I could easily be mistaken.

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    I found a post on a French forum that mentioned they did have nuk 10s available by email request. I guess I’ll send a email and find out if they have any.

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    Default is only expensive because every thing is made by hand and is totally pay for the can spend less money and get a mediocre product or you can pay a premium and get a quality product just the way you want it.

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