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Thread: I am new here

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    Default I am new here

    I am 30 old male looking for a mummy or daddy who live around the area off [removed] belfast who would love to help me to become a adultbaby

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    No no no no no. *Shakes head.*

    Sorry, but ADISC is NOT a dating site.

    Try reading the rules and the sticky threads at the top of this forum before trying again with your introduction!

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    Think about what you're asking on a community where something like 50% are under 18.

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    You've been a member for almost a year and still don't know that "ADISC is NOT a dating site"??? Please read the Rules!

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    *puts on a dress, grabs the paddle and heads towards babynick123*

    Come here, my little one. I need to have a word with you about how to behave on an internet forum with minors on it. Come here and lay on the couch while I prepare my paddle....

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