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Thread: Wearing diapers makes me so happy I can't stand it!!

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    Default Wearing diapers makes me so happy I can't stand it!!

    Hello everyone!

    I am a middle-aged, well educated, successful guy that just happens to LOVE LOVE LOVE wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants. You'd never know about my "hobby" if you met me in the office or on the street. I enjoy being outdoors with my family; I love dogs; and I'm a sports fan and biker! I am a proud father of a gorgeous young woman (she'll always be Daddy's little girl) who is "off the payroll" (which means she is on her own and fiercely independent) and a college graduate. I'm crazy loyal to friends and family-- my wife, daughter, Mom, brothers, cousins, and all their beautiful kids. Thanks to all of you for building a warm and accepting community for me and all the people who share our "hobby".


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    Golly. Wearing diapers makes you so happy that you... well... wet your pants!

    PS - it makes me happy that way too!

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    Hi from down under Obagink and welcome to ADISC. Really good introduction mate and it is great to see that you have a life apart from wearing diapers. I am also very fortunate to have the good life I have and nappies are the best underwear you can have on at any time.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Glad you could join us here. What kind of sports do you follow? Do you play any sports? You mention using cloth diapers, ever try the disposables?

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    @paddedpants4me Thanks for the welcome. I like all sports but I don't play. I really prefer cloth with plastic pants for some reason. I like to be clean so I don't "use" my diapers. I have tried disposables and liked them okay but still prefer cloth.

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