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Thread: Nudity in front of others

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    Default Nudity in front of others

    Yay - my first mature topic!

    Ahem...OK, seriously. By talking to a few people over the past days, I've come to a rather interesting realization concerning being naked in front of others.

    I've met a fair share of other ABs/DLs over the years, and quite frequently, the topic of diaper changes comes up during these meetings. So there you are - you've agreed to either change the other person or put a diaper on them, or you've agreed to let them do it to you, and then there's the awkward moment where you or they have to take your/their clothes/diaper off until all their private parts are exposed.

    It's not limited to ABs/DLs though. I frequently go to the sauna with friends (some AB friends, some non-AB friends), and then there's that awkward moment again where you suddenly have to get naked in front of someone you know well (FYI: Saunas in this country are generally clothing-free). I guess the same applies to PE classes in school, or your local gym when you go with your friends (although at my school, no one ever showered because we feared getting every type of fungus known to mankind in those antiquated showers!). And there can be visits to the doc that require removal of all clothing, although I haven't been to a doc in a decade, so that doesn't apply to me.

    Either way, AB or not: There are times when you have to get naked in front of people who you know or know well in a dressed state - and that I find awkward. I know it shouldn't be, because we've all seen naked guys and girls many times before and there's honestly nothing on any of us that is in the slightest unusual (unless you're a hermaphrodite, maybe). It's just our education that tells us that our private parts are...private. Another result of our modern world, as a few centuries ago, or even today in other cultures, people don't seem to think nudity is that big of a deal.

    Now...after all that rambling: What was my realization? Quite simple: I think being an AB contributed towards being less concerned about being naked in front of other people. I remember back in school, I really hated days when our PE teacher took us swimming at the local outside pool, because we all had to gather in one big room (boy/girls separately, obviously) and then change into our swim clothes...which you can't do without stripping naked. So I tried to somehow avoid having to go swimming with my class by coming up with excuses (too bad I wasn't a girl...the "period"-excuse would have worked well ).
    However, as an AB, I seemed to be less concerned about being naked in front of others. First off, babies don't care anyway, so if you truly get into the mindset of a baby, it shouldn't matter. Plus it's a trade-off - letting others near your private parts in exchange for a diaper change, or a bath. Of course there were other factors, but now I'm wondering if I'd be as 'comfortable' (strange word here really) being naked around others if I wasn't an AB.

    What are your thoughts on the matter?


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    I would be perfectly fine with being nude in front of others, I used to be more self-conscious when I was younger, but now I couldn't care less.
    And in changing rooms the last thing anybody does is look at your knob, that's like the golden rule of all areas where people have to be nude in front of others.

    However I do have a bit of a problem with being nude... Being nude in front of other kind of makes me nervous, and I always start to get an erection, which is always bad news. So as much as I wouldn't mind being shameless, I can't really get away with it and so I avoid getting nude like the plague.

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    The only time I am nude on a regular basis is when I am taking a shower or changing my diaper. I have no problem being nude in front of others. It's no like they haven't seen it before(Though, I have a piercing "down there", but that's a different story).

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    Depends on who it is basically. I mean hey I have to be nude infront of doctors for physicals. Gotta be nude to take a shower in the gym. You just gotta ignore everyone else. Trust that no ones like... Checking you out.

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    Footed P.J.


    Whenever I am alone in my apartment, I am shirtless. I just tend to get so hot so quickly. But I hate being nude around people in general, and I hate when my father goes nude. Not sure my problem. Maybe if I started dating, it'd be different, but at 32, I am an old dog.

    No piercings or tattoos. I am a mama's boy even though we don't get along.
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    I still don't like being naked in front of other people, never did feel comfortable in those situations, and always avoided them.

    I am a very private person and plan on keeping it that way, but I spent 6 months in a hospital bed, with my leg suspended and the only thing I had on for the whole time was a hospital gown.

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    I don't mind being naked with my bffs. I never was put in a situation though, where I had to be naked in front of those that I'd rather not be naked in front of, or people I don't know.

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    I was an only child, so when I was young I was very self conscious. My friends were always trying to get me naked, but I was shy. Then when I was 16 I met this girl, and all that changed Then I went to college, and I went completely wild. Our dorm went co-ed, with girls on one floor and guys on the other. I used to walk to and from the shower naked. Of course I was stoned most of the time, and if it had two legs and looked good, I'd do it. Of course this made the ostredges and flamingoes very nervous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Of course I was stoned most of the time, and if it had two legs and looked good, I'd do it. Of course this made the ostredges and flamingoes very nervous.
    hee hee hee!

    i didn't have too much of a problem with locker rooms and spas and such when i was a kid. then when i was a teenager i was really self-conscious, and avoided letting anyone see me naked. now that i'm an adult i've learned to relax and not worry about it so much. it's not something that i relish or anything, and it can be kind of awkward sometimes, but as long as people aren't like staring at my schlong or whatever i can be cool about it.

    i know people who really enjoy getting naked. they talk about how they were at such-and-such a party and everyone just randomly decided to take off their clothes. if i was at a party and everyone started taking their clothes off i'd probably leave. sometimes it makes sense to be naked -- when you're swimming or changing or taking a sauna -- but in general i think people look better with their clothes on and i prefer to have mine on as well.

    as far as getting your diaper changed by someone else, that's never happened to me (at least not as an adult :P). it would take a lot for me to be comfortable with that. it's a lot different than just changing in a locker room -- in that situation the person is actually staring directly at your junk and wiping you off with baby wipes and all that. i'd be horribly self-conscious, and i'd be afraid i'd get an erection -- doesn't that ever happen? anyway it's an experience i'd sort of like to have someday, but only with someone that i really trust.

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    Personally being nude in front of others is something i hate. Don't really know why.

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