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Thread: Do sleepers pass as acceptable adult wear?

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    Default Do sleepers pass as acceptable adult wear?

    What do you think? There have been a few threads about sleepers, and I'm wondering if any non-ABDL would think twice if they saw an adult wearing one-piece PJ's. I mean, I know they sell them in adult sizes on presumably non-ABDL markets (a la jumpin' jammerz), but then they also sell man leggings on non-crossdressing markets -- enough said. My gut tells me sleepers can't quite pass as standard adult clothing, but then I'm biased toward seeing such things as adult baby clothing by virtue of being an ABDL.

    So yeah, if you were a non-ABDL and you saw your friend wearing a sleeper, what would you think? Could it pass as an acceptable piece of adult clothing, or would you be wondering why on earth your friend is wearing an oversized article of children's sleep wear?

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    I've seen my cousins wearing them at one of their sweet 16's but they're girls. I almost had to make an effort to avoid staring at her sleeper, I was jealous. Yeah I think they're acceptable adult clothing. My mother is hopefully giong to buy one for me this winter.

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    It's not something I'd ever consider acceptable to wear in public, but I don't see a problem with men wearing sleepers.

    EDIT: I don't consider anything one normally wears to bed acceptable to be worn in public, so it's not just sleepers.

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    As dcviper says, not in public, but in private, why not? I wear mine around the house all the time, and my housemates don't care, and my mum's seen it too (I don't live with her, so her seeing it is separate from "wearing it around the house") and doesn't think it's weird or anything. However I think some degree of that is because I'm a furry, which they all know about, and my sleeper is, in many ways, closer to a fursuit than a childish sleeper (i.e. it's plain black, very fluffy and has hood+ears).

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    I agree not in public, I would say only very young children can getaway with that one. Around the house I say its fine, though I do think it is more accepted of woman than men. I bought one of the Target ones for my friend as a "gag" gift for his birthday, he liked it, but don't think he wears it often. He's not a DL/AB.

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    In some places, were winters are particularly cold, i'd say yes. I'd really just count them no different as Pj's ^^, but other places maybe not as much :/, As badger and dcviper said, not so much for public use, but in your own home, sure why not :P

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    I'd say it depends on
    (1) where you live, and
    (2) how obvious you make it.

    If you live in a cold place, it's more acceptable to wear warm clothing. If you live in places where it's usually warm enough to run around the house in underwear and a shirt year round, it'd seem odd. The same goes with the places you wear them. If you strut down your college dorm's hallways day in and day out in your sleeper people will bat an eye. If you put it on right before getting into bed and only have to worry about the occasional surprise visitor, it's probably less odd.

    Remember, the clothing is only part of the deal. The other part is your behavior. If you make a big deal out of it, other people will. If you act like it's a completely normal thing, everyone else will think the same thing eventually.


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    I wear my footie pjs from Target all the time in the winter. My friends have even seen me in them and just say "oh that's just JR." ...though what they don't know is that I'm wear a diaper underneath

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    I'd say so. The only "negative" point they should have about them from a non ab point of view is they are what you used to wear and should have I suppose, "grown out of".
    I've found mixed opinions, the conversation of sleepers has come up a few times with my friends and colleagues. About a flat 33.3% split. Some think theyre cute and either want or have one. Some think its stupid and would never now want one. And the rest don't really see the difference.

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