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    Since Oct 11, I have become even closer to my soul mate, because he has finially showed me who he really is. I cannot express how happy this makes me. He was always the only man for me, and I have aways felt a strong, cosmic connection to him. Now we are on an entire new level. He is caring, protecting, and loving, as he has always been, but now I get to see his sensitive side, a side that needs me to care for anf protect him as much as I need the same from him. I would not change my Tiger's need to be babied for anything in the worl. I love everything about him. I have always been in love with him and wanted to marry him, but now those thoughts and feelings are much more strong and certain in my heart and mind. I wish everyone the happiness in their AB/DL relationships that we have. I love you, Tiger.

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    I am very thankful that we have each other, and that you feel this way. Just remember how you feel about all this when Beast's birthday rolls around, were it not for him, I would have yet to tell you.

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