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    Just Wondering where a good spot to hide diapers is?


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    Here's a good thread about it. It gives you lots of ideas.

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    I hide mine a lockable cabinet and the key is always kept safely! Hope that helps!

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    I have a really good place, as there is a cupboard next to the bath in the bathroom that is built into the wall and can hold around 15 packets.

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    I take out my dresser drawers and hide them in there

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    FINALLY! Someone who thinks right.

    I'm thinking of getting a trunk or something to stick a lock on for mine. But for now I keep most under my mattress and behind my drawers. :3

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    I have an old radio that I have three packs behind and I have a suitcase for the one I plan on using soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by turtleie View Post
    I take out my dresser drawers and hide them in there
    I do this too, and I have more in the basement in a box behind 2 more boxes under a drawer.

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