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    OK, I'm sick and tired of people calling shurikens fricken NINJA STARS! OK, just today, heres what happened. We were fooling around on the field for gym, and we were playing Ultimate Frisbee. We had some time before the game, so we played some catch. I was having fun, when one guy, teaching some one else how to throw the disc, said this: "No, throw it like (and I quote) a CHINESE NINJA STAR."

    a) JAPAN, not CHINA. There were no NINJAS in CHINA!
    b)That's not how you throw a shuriken

    Anyone else tired of this? What's worse is that people actually think that they know what they're talking about, and they continue to give false information. At least thats what the people I've seen saying this do.

    EDIT: I just realized that I put frisbee insteda of shuriken. It was the right way to throw a frisbee, but the COMPLETELY WRONG WAY to throw a shuriken.
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    Honestly, I'm tired of it to... especially the china thing... Chinese ninjas don't exist. Never have, never will. It doesn't take a Japanese/Chinese history major to know that. I make 8-pointed shuriken at school out of paper in my spare time/when I'm bored, and they always say "Dude where did you get that 8-pointed ninja star?"

    I would correct them, if it wouldn't prove me as even more of a geek than anyone already thinks... lol

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    Don't get too hot and bothered by it. For one, much of Japanese culture is borrowed from China, and Chinese martial arts have a long history of throwing weapons (particularly darts.) If you've seen any good asian movies, you'd know that shuriken can be thrown in a variety of ways, but typically they're thrown exactly like you would throw a frisbee. Shuriken are also commonly accepted by other names, particularly "throwing star" or "ninja star."

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    Personally I call them throwing stars. I bought a set of four while I was in New Hampshire and have had some fun with the wood targets I made. It is much easier to throw them like a frisbee than to have it sit between your ring and middle finger.

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    They're illegal in commifornia so I have to keep the ones I have under wraps. I have some unsharpened ones used for practice. I've had them since 1986, and they just hang on my wall. Well they did until I moved, now I have no idea what box they ended up in. But yes I have heard Karate and Ninjas are from China by many people, and it's a little annoying. As far as I know Karate is from Japan but is derived from martial arts practiced in China. I may be wrong, but that is what I was told when I first started Karate back in the 80's.

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    Not as much as white kids acting like they're from Japan, but yeah I hate it too.

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    I think you're over reacting. It's about as acceptable as saying "samurai sword"

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    Hey,'s a common, though annoying mistake. I own a shuriken (mainly for safety purposes), which has been manufactured under the brand "Yagyu Ninja".I bought it at a weapon's store, and the guy who was showing me the different types told me that a shuriken was pretty much a ninja star...though have all their real ties with Japan. Maybe there are Chinese shurikens, but seeing as they were used by ninjas exclusively (who were concentrated in Japan), I'd say that the "Chinese ninja star" idea is a little...misnoming.

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    As someone who studies weapons and battle tactics from most cultures, I HATE IT! I (used to) have a set of 3 shurikens, until my friend lost them. I freaking hate it SO MUCH when people think they know something about weapons (Guns or other). Some kid in my IPS class started acting like he was breaching a room, and I, in front of the whole class, told him EVERY flaw in what he was doing, and how if that was a real battle scenario, he would fail. Just to clarify, Ninjas are from Japan, they were actually (in most cases) common farmers and other workers, and they fought unfairly. If you don't believe me watch this.
    Spartan vs. Ninja | SPIKE

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    Also, just want to point a ninja star owner, if you were to throw one like a're going to most likely miss your target.

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