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Thread: Google Cache!?!?

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    Angry Google Cache!?!?

    Alright so i've recently found out about something called google cache when i searched one of my favorite usernames to use...i'm not going to use it again as it would just cache it once more. This username is one of the ones i frequently use and if one of my real life friends searched it they would see "Conversation between xxrunnerbabyxx and (friends name here) on adisc. I'm a little pissed and confused on what to do next...I reported the things as old on google admin tools and i changed my username of here to try to stay a little more hidden. My question from all this ranting is, has anyone else had a bad experience with google cache or 'snapshots'? Have any of you even heard of this? I know i hadn't previous of yesterday but aprently google sends out 'crawl bots' that take snap shots of every webpage....

    EDIT: I should probably add that xxrunnerbabyxx is not the username, i posted the username on a friends wall on here.

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    Anything posted on the internet can or will be there forever. The amount of information Google alone has cached is unfathomable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayJay518 View Post
    Anything posted on the internet can or will be there forever. The amount of information Google alone has cached is unfathomable.
    I'm so screwed its not even funny, i mean none of my friends would ever search it but that fact that its there scares the hell at of me.

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    Well, Google Cache has existed for a long, long, longlonglonglonglong time now.

    It's been this way for awhile, seriously. And they aren't getting rid of it.

    I suggest you just stop worrying and ignore it.

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    It should be updated eventually, I think. Then those tracks won't be there anymore. Not sure how long that takes.

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    Yeah i sent a request and it was excepted but now the conversation is on there with out the it still says conversation on adisc but like no information under it.. so maybe the next crawl it could be gone.

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    If your worried about that from google your gonna freak about the kind of data they are colleting on their google earth van runs. People who have wirless in their homes the MAC address of their routers and what they were doing at the time are being collected by the vans wirless thingie. Theres currently a court case about it here, people whant google to divulge what those vans are picking up.

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    Deny, deny, deny... You probably weren't the first person with a username like that, and you won't be the last?

    If it ever get's brought up, 'what the hell???' will go a long way!

    They can't prove it's you unless you confess.

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    I had the same problem once...

    try this page: Remove a page or site from Google's search results - Webmaster Tools Help

    I think the rules on google have changed a bit and you can't request a new scan or removal... but read it and give it a go, it might be helpfull anyways...

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    ive recently noticed this that is why i changed my username without the 89, and thus problem solved!

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