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Thread: LSGMI wins fight- thank god

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    Default LSGMI wins fight- thank god

    This is about a year and a tad old but it still brought tears to my eyes reading it because of the fact i am also a disabled teen and i can completely relate to the notion of "Diapers are not a luxury, its the only option period". It also makes me wonder how messed up the US is sometimes.

    LSGMI Wins Fight for Disabled Teen Over Diaper Costs | LEGAL SERVICES OF GREATER MIAMI, INC.

    How messed up is this? I am glad they won but why in the hell did it have to go so far... that is so cruel for the poor girl .

    Anyones thoughts and opinions ?

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    That is awful! I can't believe diapers aren't automatically given to all disabled children and young people who need them. No access to diapers would surely leave many disabled children whose family can't afford them housebound. I'm glad they won, and that their campaign will help other families and children in the same situation to gain access to such a necessity.

    Here in the UK nappies are available free on the NHS to all incontinent children once they outgrow regular baby nappies, although as legislation stands at the moment their are restrictions to how many nappies children can have, so many children are only entitled to 3-4 free nappies every day. For many children and families this is not enough, but if parents need additional nappies they need to pay for them themselves. There is a campaign going on at the moment with 'Every Disabled Child Matters' to get the number of nappies supplied to each family personalised, rather than generalised, to ensure individual needs are met.

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    For sure babyjess, this is just another reminder as to how much i take for granted all the things my parents are able to provide for me. Really expensive medical care, diapers, asissted living equipement wether it be a wheel chair, or crutches, or my bed which is machanical, or my bathtub thats special allowing me to sit... and even more so... a home thats completely wheel chair accessable(the list goes on and on). >< It really breaks my heart seeing the struggles less fortunite people go through.

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    Man, I'm glad they won. If they didn't that poor girl would have been housebound for the rest of her life! Other things would happen as well, the housebound thing is just an example. Still, thank God for that.

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    Yeah, I work with children with special educational needs and it is sad that whilst there are a lot of available aides and equipment available, they are not available for free. Often children are denied things that would really benefit them because their families cannot afford to assist with the cost. And it is not just the children it is hard for, I worked with a boy with cerebral palsy who needed to be lifted or hoisted. He was a big, heavy boy for his age and lived with his grandmother. They weren't entitled to a free hoist because on a really good day he could stand with a lot of support for about 10 seconds - the fact he hardly ever had a good day didn't matter, the fact he occasionally stood was enough that he wasn't entitled to the hoist. His grandmother couldn't afford a hoist for their home and so she had to lift him into and out of his wheelchair etc, he was only 8 but he was almost certainly heavier than she was. She got chronic back pain from lifting him, but there was nobody else to assist at home and so she just had to ignore her pain and put his needs first.

    Then another boy in my class, who also had cerebral palsy and similar needs but was still light enough to lift, had parents who were lucky enough to have the money to put a mechanical hoist in just about every room of their house. The differences in equipment between the two boys was huge - the first boy's wheelchair was too small for him and not really suitable for him as he'd grown so much, but because it was less than 2 years old he wasn't entitled to a new one. The other boy had a wonderful new electronic wheelchair his parents were able to buy him. His parents were also better educated than the first boy's grandmother, and more aware of how to fight for the things their son needed, and so they were able to ensure he had what he needed and that they got financial help in buying things. Unfortunately it seems that in many cases the children won't get the things they are entitled to unless the parents fight for them, and so often the parents don't know the things their children are entitled to because nobody tells them. This means the gap between the disadvantaged children and those with better-off parents just seems to get bigger and bigger...

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    One of the main reasons this child's parents had to seek legal means was the state she lives in. I live in Florida and I'm medically incontinent. I have to pay for my diapers through a flexible spending account through my employer. It comes out to about $1,100 to $1400 a year.

    Florida is one of the most messed up states in the U.S. It's full of right-wing greedy politicians and, basically, a lot of rich old people. The state ranks close to last in terms of child education and child health care services. The state has no income tax and relies heavily on the tourist and housing development industries for income. Because of all the retirees, there is a big nursing home industry here. Quality diapers for the elderly in homes are charged directly to the patients or paid by medicare and they are usually of very poor quality.

    The young disabled girl is lucky she was represented by a capable lawyer. It's a shame really, but that's reality in the sunshine state.
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    i'm glad that the Floida agency has to pay for her diapers
    denying her and others their diapers is wrong.
    How would those agency people feel if they were the ones being denied diapers.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'm glad that the caregiving task for the girl's parents just got a lot more affordable.

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    I have Cerebral Palsy and i have urinary incon, i had to deal with this

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    At least this wouldn't be an issue in the Dutch health system.

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