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Thread: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World - The Game

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    Default Scott Pilgrim Vs The World - The Game

    Never read the comic.

    Never saw the movie.

    I have played the game, though, and the game is EPIC! This is the way 8-bit goodness should be.

    Let's not forget the kick-ass soundtrack.

    This is the best XBLA purchase I made in quite some time, easily. There is only one downside, and that is no online co-op. Heh.

    Anybody else experience it?

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    It's not on the PC which I find surprising.... but even if it was, it's from ubisoft so I wouldn't buy it anyways. due to their stances on either DRM or money issues.

    The game looks great since its 1. Scott Pilgrim and 2. a rip on river City Ransom, one of the best under-rated NES games of all time.

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    Yesterday, I found out for myself that while the single-player game is awesome on its own right, the game was really meant to be played co-op.

    Playing with a couple of others really enhanced the experience. Some people claim that the lack of online play is a killer, but in a way, it does force the co-op play to be more personally involved, so I guess that could be seen as a merit. Heh.

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