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Thread: Games you have full XBox gamerscore on.

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    Default Games you have full XBox gamerscore on.

    Yep, this thread is for those with 360s.

    This list is of the games I have full gamerscore on -

    Eternal Sonata
    Fallout 3
    Clive Barker's Jericho

    I once had full gamerscore on Dante's Inferno, but then EA released that utterly horrible Trials of St Lucia DLC - I do not have the patience to grind through that to get the last 45 points needed for full completion there.

    XBLA games I have full gamerscore on are -

    Sam & Max Save the World
    Sam & Max - Beyond Time and Space
    Wallace & Gromit 1-4
    Monkey Island 1 & 2
    Crystal Defenders
    PJ Winterbottom
    The Maw

    So, what games do you have all the achivements for?

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    The games that I have 100% on (including DLC) are:
    • Oblivion (1250 / 1250)
    • Crackdown (1250 / 1250)
    • Uno (XBLA - 200 / 200)

    I also have >=1000 on:
    • Fallout 3 (1180 / 1550)
    • Fable 2 (1095 / 1350)

    And yeah, that's about it! I just don't have the free time (or patience) to grind away at getting achievements just for the sake of getting achievements. Oblivion's could be earned simply by playing the game, but so many games these days require you to grind away for no reason (e.g. "Play 10,000 games online!" - fuck that...) and/or do stuff in (public) multiplayer, which I have no intention of going near for a lot of games. I'll buy games and play them because they're fun, not because I can get Gamerscore from them. Besides, I have over 24,000 Gamerscore now. Adding an extra handful to that for gaining an obscure achievement is insignificant

    Quote Originally Posted by KaworuVsDrWily View Post
    PJ Winterbottom
    It's PB Winterbottom, IIRC. </pedant>

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    Call of Duty WaW (Before they added the new achievements)

    I've never been an achievement hunter, and I own over 40 games for the console. The only reason I got all of them in WaW is because I wanted to be the first of my friends to say I was, and I was

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badger View Post
    It's PB Winterbottom, IIRC. </pedant>
    Yeah, I spent many hours figuring out all of the puzzles, yet I forgot the exact name. Heh.

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    I've only completed oblivion, but I'm working on others... I got the expansion, so 1250/1250

    Probably the easiest game to get all the achievements for, imho

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    None, I think. I don't really care too much about that. It can be fun to try sometimes though. The people who act like "hahah my gamerscore is better than your gamerscore! You suck!" are just annoying. Same with trophies on PSN. And I usually get a game for PS3 rather than 360.

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    Yeah. ^^^ I don't have any with full gamerscore but I tend to get more games on my 360 than ps3

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    I haven't gotten the full gamerscore on any game. I did get all the trophies in Heavy Rain though.

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