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Thread: a question about collars.

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    Default a question about collars.

    For those of you that regularly wear collars do you sleep with it on?

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    I sleep with mine on. I started wearing it to bed by accident. I would forget that I had it on when I was lying down, and I just fell asleep with it on a few times. Now, I sleep with it on on-purpose. I don't even notice it because I have gotten so used to the way it feels around my neck.

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    I generally take it off before sleeping, but I have slept with it on occasionally (usually, as Altric says, after falling asleep unintentionally ). I don't like wearing anything restrictive while I sleep, though, and a collar certainly counts as that.

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    I sleep with mine on, but that's because it's locked on (and I don't have the key). It's made of braided paracord and only really bothers me after I take a shower and it's all wet. :c I've taken it off once in the month since I got it, and that was for a Halloween party. It didn't match the costume.

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    Sometimes I do. Most times I don't. I really don't care to sleep with anything restrictive around my neck, and I tend to wear my collars pretty tight while I'm awake. I have been noticing, though, that I'll fall asleep with it on more often now. Maybe it's only a matter of time.

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    so it sounds like its just a matter of getting used to having it on all time.

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    I used to sleep whilst wearing a collar every night (from about the age of 10) untill a few years ago. You soon get used to wearing it and after quite a while it feels like something is missing when I am not wearing it. Sometimes I do wear one when I sleep nowadays but mostly I only wear one during the day.

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    I love to sleep with my collar on. I feel very comfortable with having it on while I sleep, mostly because I feel as if friends are watching over me and have me safe if i wear it.

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