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Thread: ever had your shipment caught?

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    Default ever had your shipment caught?

    Lots of people here are dealing with anxiety over their diaper orders getting "intercepted" by the parents, roommates, neighbors, etc. But I don't think I've seen any "horror stories" so far on that.

    So, to put the concerns to rest, or to confirm them I suppose, who has actually gotten busted when getting their diapers shipped to them?

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    I guess the worst that happened to me was when my friend who works in the mailroom got a little curious with what could be inside my huge/obnoxiously heavy package...the case of Bambino diapers I ordered...but luckily he was cool with it, because he knows I'm incontinent at night. In fact, now he makes sure to take care of all my packages to make sure none of his coworkers find out.

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    A few years ago when I used to live with my parents I had ordered a pack of diapers and the postman took the package to my next door neighbour instead of mine. Luckilly they saw my name on the package and passed it over to me. Again I was lucky my parents were out at the time.
    After I moved to my own home I had a big box of diapers sent to me with very big and very clear print on one of the outer boxes that there were DIAPERS SIZE MEDIUM and MAXI absorbancy, with my name and addy CLEARLY next to eachother. I played up hell and I got another 3 boxes free of charge and with the most pleading apology from the manager, theese were in plain packaging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiddles View Post
    I played up hell and I got another 3 boxes free of charge and with the most pleading apology from the manager, theese were in plain packaging.
    You, sir, win teh interwebs!!! im so jealous!!!!!

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    Nope. I'm the one who usually collects the mail for my family so yeah.

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    Not in the last few years. When I was 14 to about 16 the only way I got diapers was to order free samples of Tena. So long as the name was different, they didn't pick up on the address being the same, I used to get a sample a day, and I got the mail so it was okay. (In the house we were living in there was a mailbox down the street with a little box for your mail, and if you got a package there was 2 big boxes, and they'd leave the key in your little box for the big one, so if I collected mail, no one ever knew.)

    So anyways... I didn't have any come for a month or so, and I kept ordering and ordering, all with fake names (kdnow nhgiowe, I P Nightly, Lisa Brinks, etc...) and they must have been on back order or something, because one day I came home from school, and in my moms room she had a huge pile of un opened white envelopes, and another huge stack of Tena diapers and pullups. She never figured out it was me, she thought it was someone pranking us. There ended up being 2 garbage bags full...

    So when she had me take out the garbage a couple days later, I just opened teh basement window, threw those 2 garbage bags down there, and put the rest at the road. She never knew. Har har!

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    I never ordered living at home, I didn't want the possible hassle/embarssment. So when I moved into my first apartment, I could only do orders that would fit in a mail box, because I lived in a crappy area. I moved to a nicer place a few months ago, because I got a job. Now I can order packages, because there is someone in the office to accept packages.

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