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Thread: Air Freshener to cover up smells

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    Default Air Freshener to cover up smells

    What air freshener will work out for me
    i need a cheep way to cover up odors like pee
    because it smells SOOOOOOOO bad sometimes B/c
    of the people in my room
    But still its smells bad
    even when i air out, my parents are allergic to certain kinds
    what kind should i get???
    i have a budget $3-6
    someone move this thread if its belongs in off-topic
    this is semi diaper related

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    Just don't use baby powder scented spray and you should be fine.

    And why does your room smell really bad of pee? >_>

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    Uhh, I've hardly an idea of what you said, and I have no idea why your room would smell in the first place, but if your parents are asthmatic just try not to spray around them - or see if you can get a non-allergic air freshener.

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    Air fresheners generally don't work. If you buy a vanilla air freshener, your room will smell like vanilla pee. I have cats in my small apartment who aren't shy about using the litterbox at the most annoying times, and the only thing that really gets rid of their smells is time and an open window. However, if you're adamant about an air freshener, try either lysol or the Yankee Candle odor eliminating room spray. I like the cinnamon kind.

    But the best way to get rid of odors is to eliminate the source. Why does your room smell like pee? Make sure you are throwing your diapers away in an outside trash can soon after wearing - by soon I mean like an hour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardcoreMickal View Post
    I really wish you make more sense and type properly.

    I second that

    You don't want an air freshener...You want an oder eliminator...Get something like Febreeze...They have it in lots of nice scents, and they have the standard one that isn't supposed to leave a noticeable scent I believe...

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    Try incense or jos sticks...That stuff is awesome, and they come in every scent under the sun

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    It'd probably be best if you just disposed of used diapers right after you take them off... especially seeing as you live with your parents.

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    daria is right, opening a window works best. I've had the occasional issue with smells at the apartment, but a window open for a bit and it's all good.

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    You could try out putting some deodorants used for shoes on your trash can when it is empty and maybe reduce the usage of diapers for a while. Try putting a clean wipe inside the diaper after you use it and before you dispose of it. I'm allergic also, so what I do is to put some eucalyptus scent on my curtains and, as said, let the window open for a while.

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