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    I used to be a ginormous fan of Power Rangers when I was a kid. I would buy the toys, watch the show, all that jazz. I haven't thought about the show in years, but the thoughts just flowed in today like a dam bursting. So, what was your favorite season of the show? I always liked Wild Force the best.

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    ya was always a cool show not sure what the name of my favrite series of it was though.

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    I run down the sidewalk singing the themesong a lot. Sometimes my friends join me.
    Good times.
    Go go Power Rangers!

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    dont remeber wat season it was but it was the one that had 2 red rangers
    and the lone red ranger controlled a awesome trex megazord

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    I guess the first season but especially the green ranger saga, even at 7 I found stuff like that to be awesome, it seems Zedd would have had that feel to him but parents didn't share my view points and made him less evil after his first couple of appearances

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    Noodle you're thinking of time force.

    I liked the earlier seasons. At that young age, I was fascinated by continuing story arcs and cliff hangers. nowadays kids got shit where every episode ends on a happy ending and the story is never mentioned again.

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    thanks Leonard
    it was a awesome Trex
    the today was totally awesome too
    i clicked a button and it transformed lol
    no wonder i like seeing bakugan pop up

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    Don't remember who said this first (friend of my family) but...
    "When in doubt Tommy kicks it." XD

    I was a huge fan of the first season, but my inability to focus on one show for very long prevented me from seeing everything.

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