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Thread: Why the high ping rate?

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    Default Why the high ping rate?

    Ok so ever since I moved and got cable I have had trouble gaming on xbox live.
    I ran a speed test and my ping rate is 92 which seems very high to me.

    what can i do to lower my ping?

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    ~95ms seems perfectly reasonable to me, especially for a broadband line that slow. It's definitely not high enough to adversely affect any online game. They're all written with good enough network code to handle latency of at least two or three times that amount.

    What sort of "trouble" have you been having, exactly?

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    When im host on MW2 everyone lags even me. I called my cable company and they ran some test and turns out it is my router causing the problem. My ping is different every time i run a test. highest so far being 172ms. When I first got my service my ping was around 40 all the time

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    Hosting a high-intensity game like MW2 on a connection with such a horribly slow upstream rate is a recipe for disaster. I don't know how ISPs work over there, but in the UK the cable ISP is responsible for the router, so if they've concluded that it's the router at fault, they'd send out a replacement...

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    Yes indeed that is what they are doing. They made a service call to come swap out modems. So we will see how it goes tomorrow

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