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Thread: How do I tell my mom I'm a furry?

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    Default How do I tell my mom I'm a furry?

    Ok. my mom is a pretty accepting person, but I don't know how to go about telling her. As silly as it sounds I'm kind of worried about her reaction. And how should I bring the topic up?

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    Do you have a particular reason for wanting to share it with her?

    Do you consider furry fandom to be a major part of your life, or is it just a hobby? Unless you plan on getting a fursuit, or going to a con, is out really important that she know about it?

    If you do feel for whatever reason that you need to tell her, don't approach it as something weird or different. This causes people to worry and gives them the wrong impression, like that what you're interested in might actually be bad in some way.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'd probably only bring it up if you're doing the con/fursuit thing. But at least it's not as drastic a revelation as saying you're gay or an ABDL.

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    I'm speaking from experience, btw.

    Even after explaining it top her, my mom thought it was some sort of cult or sex ring. I only recently got her off my case about it by telling her I was using it as a way of determining what her reaction would be to something really different so that I could finally tell her I was gay.

    I later told my step mom about it too, but by casually saying it was an interest in cartoon animal people and costuming. She thought it was wonderfull and liked all the colorful costumes and even said she would let me use the sowing machine when I go to make my fursuit. :3

    Point being: presentation is key. And you don't have to "come out" as furry.

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    Why dose everyone treat furry like a 4 letter word? What is the big deal about telling her? Just focus on the positive about the fandom & make no big deal about it & there is no issue. I would just start off whit "hey mom, ya know those sport team mascots? I want to be one." Talk about fursuiting & mascot work & the entertainment part of it. I am in a group here in the try state area that dose all volunteer work in costume for charity. check out it is just one of many out there. We get to go out & have furry fun & are able to make a difference in someones life while doing it. All the other stuff attached to "furry" can be introduced a little at a time afterwords or not at all.
    I fursuit at work too. I had a co-worker even make a statement of "OH those freaks I saw in CSI?" I just looked at her & laughed & said "wow, I thought you were smarter than that, you believe everything you see on TV?". She never said another word about it & that was about 5 years ago.
    So if you have the mind set that there is something wrong with being a furry & you present it that way then yeah, people will have a hard time with it. Just go about it like it is not a big deal & present the +'s & there will be no issues at all.

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    yeah i would just tell her, but is there really a reason she needs to know i told my mum i want a fursuit and might go to cons and nothing more she has no need to know that i want a collar or consider myslef a pup

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    cartoon animal people and costuming
    Hmmm, I like that. I wish I had used that when I told my mum.
    I just brought it up (big mistake) after asking for a collar D:
    She presumed it was some sort of.. well... bondage. So yeah, listen to Grizz and everyone else, thats really good advise

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    Quote Originally Posted by twinkle View Post
    Ok. my mom is a pretty accepting person, but I don't know how to go about telling her. As silly as it sounds I'm kind of worried about her reaction. And how should I bring the topic up?
    this is how -> DONT

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