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Thread: Just ordered some diapers :)

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    Default Just ordered some diapers :)

    I ordered this stuff from disposable medical express. I got a pack of tranquility atns and also a pack of slimlines. I got 4 tena ultra samples. 2 wings choice just for curiosity. 2 tranquility atn underwear to test those. and 3 euro breifs. Those are supposed to be pretty thick and I wantt to try those out....Im having them sent to where I work and hope they all come in together. Because im taking a chance now anyway.

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    Hi CrazyKid...

    The only time I ordered online were some SuperDry AB's and the postage and packing cost three times the price of the diapers! Seems like you have a good selection of products 'winging' your way LOL...

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    Just got them in today....Everything was in a plain brown box and it had some guys name on the label for the shipper so that was discret. I had the stuff shipped to work because I work in the shipping station so I got it straight to me.
    Well anyways off to the point. During lunch I ran out to my truck to open the box up just to see what everything looked like because I never tried any of these. I like the look of everything and the euro breifs have alot of padding in them. Later I went back out and got a slimline out and stuck it in my pocket and went to the bathroom and put the thing on. At first I thought it was pretty much a depends Well I was wrong. Time went on and I used it a little and a little more and then I went and checked it because I figured it was full. Haha it held everything right in the front and didnt even make it between my legs yet. I was amazed how fast it must have absorbed liquid.

    The only thing I didnt like is the tena's are cloth backed I thought they were still plastic. Oh well ill use them anyway.

    What really made the order great is they had free shipping if you spend more than $25....

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