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Thread: Just a head's up. Target sleepers...

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    Default Just a head's up. Target sleepers...

    Are on sale!

    Currently $10 instead of the $12.99 they usually are, and they seem to have plenty of different designs in stock of the XL size. I grabbed a couple last week and will probably go for some more... They're a bit of a weakness for me.

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    Does that mean they are going to get rid of them soon. A lot of times when they put stuff on sale its to get rid of them so they can take them off shelfs.

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    probably not this soon. they might try and push them to get more people to buy them...tough to say what they are doing

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    I bought them this year in the hopes they would still fit, but they seemed to be much tighter this year than they were last. =( Maybe it's just me, but they seem to be just a bit shorter which makes it very difficult to get into them.

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    Default it's true

    Sad but true. The sleepers are quite a bit smaller this year. They got bigger last year, and I was excited to fit in them comfortably even though I'm 6'2. Now they seem to have made them a lot smaller and I think they'd be rather tight even on a skinny kid.

    Any ideas about where to complain? Sometimes the manufacturers do listen. I complained to Pampers several times about their size seven tapes popping off, and lo and behold, they improved them!

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    I did get one, but alas I'm just a little too big for it.

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    I was just at target and saw sleepers in the adult pajama section. One pair was red, and had a sock monkey on it. The other pair was blue, and had some sort of dog on it. And the feet had the animal on the end where your toes go. They were quite cute.

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    Both Meijer and Sears stores have footed pajamas on the racks as well. Meijer had some pastel blue ones with white designs on them and one that was pastel blue with pink and yellow designs. Sears is selling two piece footed pajamas and has only a couple of the one piece pajamas. I don't really recall what they looked like but they should have them on the website. Beyond that the Target website has a few designs that aren't in stores yet. On there are the penguin footed ones and Frostie the snowman ones that are website only for the time being.

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    It looks like they are stocking more of size 14-16(XL) this year.

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