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Thread: I'm new here! :). Oh yeah!! Lol

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    Wink I'm new here! :). Oh yeah!! Lol

    Hello. My name is Foti. I'm from Montreal, Qc. I'm a 24 year old male heterosexual. I'm looking that special someone to have fun and spend my life with. I'm fun, smart, talkative, funny, cute, friendly, ...a real nice guy ; )
    I like playing, watching sports. Love hanging out with friends. Going to the movies, going for long walks. I love working out. It's my other place of zen. It's where I go to clear my head and to get fit, in the same time. I'm a tunner. I like fixing up my car. I don't mind getting dirty.

    I use to work in construction. Painting, demolition, tiling... I'm a handy man.
    I now work in a hospital. Looking to going into nursing.
    I like helping other in need. It make me feel good. Know what I mean!? Lol

    I'm an Ab. I was always into diapers. Ever since I can remember. I started off by only wanting to wear them. Then I found out about the whole adult baby lifestyle and I wanted to try it. I've been to a couple of nurseries and I love it. I love the attention, the love, the caring I get from the other person. Preferably a woman.

    That's me!! There's a lot more to me though.. ; P

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    Welcome to ADISC. Sorry to tell you this isnt the place to find a woman to take care of you.

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    ....Welcome to adisc..but this isn't a dating site bro its a support site .

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    Welcome to the group. ADISC is a great support group and an area for AB/DL's and Furries to share and learn from each other. Feel free to join in on the forums and share.

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